Row erupts as Kirstie Allsopp tells millennials to have kids ‘NOW’ and sack off ‘£20k weddings’


KIRSTIE Allsopp has sparked a furious row after telling millennials to have kids “NOW” and sack off “£20k weddings”.

The TV presenter, 47, unleashed a series of tweets today urging women not to wait if they want to have children.

Kirstie Allsopp’s advice about motherhood left some Twitter users fuming
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“IF you WANT kids, IF you are in your late 20s AND IF you are in a solid relationship AND IF you can afford it have kids NOW,” she wrote.

“It does NOT get easier the later you leave it, buy a CHEAPER house, a bit further from the shops & restaurants and keep some money back for childcare.”


Mum-of-two Kirstie followed up with further life advice, adding: “DO NOT blow £20K on a wedding & spend two years planning it because when that baby arrives you will love it more than anything in the world & the money you spent on the dress/hen night/cars/posh hotel will be nothing compared to your longing to afford the best childcare you can.”

To one woman who suggested the advice was “damaging”, the Location, Location, Location presenter replied: “No it is NOT damaging, lying is damaging, the “kids aren’t fun, work is fun, booze is fun, fashion is fun but kids aren’t fun” is what’s damaging.”

As social media users shared their experiences of when or whether they started families, many joined in criticising Allsopp’s singular stance.



One wrote: “It’s got nothing to do with anyone else. I planned to settle down and have kids. Then I spent a year supporting my fiancé as he sadly died from cancer.

“I went on to marry and have kids – not late, but later than intended. Life happens. Kirstie, just don’t tell people what to do!”

Another added: “Probably one of the most ignorant tweets I’ve seen…know your audience.”

I went on to marry and have kids – not late, but later than intended. Life happens. Kirstie, just don’t tell people what to do!

Twitter user Diana

Narelle Dancy commented: “What if you choose not to have children?! “Have the epic party now + celebrate every moment. You never know what’s round the corner.”

Kirstie, whose children are 11 and nine, said she personally had kids late “because I hadn’t met anyone” and said she was “very lucky” to have the two she did.

She is also stepmother to her partner Ben Anderson’s two children from a previous relationship.

Kirstie remained unrepentant to online criticism, saying she was best-placed to advise others on the matter because of her “20 years of working with families searching for homes up & down the UK”.

The TV personality quit the social media network in September last year after announcing she’d smashed her own children’s iPads when her children broke screen time rules.

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