Remote control car brings ball onto pitch for Nations League final in bizarre pre-match ceremony which leaves fans baffled


PORTUGAL’S Nations League final with the Netherlands was preceded by a curious ceremony whereby the match ball came out in a remote control car.

The delivery was even set out in a UEFA document, complete with heatmap.

The car was barely any bigger than the ball
UEFA’s instructions for the ceremony

Just before Sunday’s encounter in Porto kicked off, the vehicle buzzed across the playing surface.

The referee collected the ball and it zipped away.

It was clearly a sponsorship gimmick that baffled fans awaiting the heavyweight clash.

Steven posted on Twitter: “The remote control cars that carry the ball onto the pitch in the Nations League are just ridiculous, man.”

David added: “Love to live in a world where the Brain Genuis who came up with the idea of having a tiny sponsored car drive the football onto the field to start the Nations League games probably makes 300k a year.”

Another, Arielle, joked: “The mini car driving out the match ball in Nations League is a big mood.”

The match ball was delivered in the same way for France’s friendly with Bolivia during the week, which raised many a chuckle on social media.

Not least because of Antoine Griezmann’s reaction to the moment.

Jubin posted: “Find someone who looks at you the way Griezmann looks at the RC car that brought the matchball.”

Another fan, Jordan, tweeted: “Griezmann looks absolutely baffled as if he thinks there is genuinely someone small driving the car!”


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