Questions TV host never wants to ask


Carissa Walford has spent most of her career interviewing celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Justin Bieber and Harry Styles.

Getting up close and personal was her job but admits it was often hard to get behind the famous facades in the short time she had on red carpets or during promotional tours.

“I always tried to delve beneath the surface,” Walford told

“I was honest, vulnerable and curious in order to get to know the true essence of these celebrities and the core of who they are more so than simply promoting their current album.”

This desire to know more is the driving force behind the 31-year-old’s new venture

In Bed With Carissa (IBWC).

media_cameraTV presenter Carissa Walford, 31, to launch her own online TV network, In Bed With Carissa.

The former face of Foxtel’s Channel V said she wants to build something more meaningful “in today’s sea of often one-dimensional content”.

She said the project would be a platform exposing celebrities and local talent in their rawest and most vulnerable form that encourage thought-provoking conversation.

“It’s about doing things where there are no rules and on my terms. That’s the beauty of digital, it has given me a platform to do whatever I want,” Walford said.

media_cameraThe Sydney local is the a former Channel V host and Channel 9 Movie Juice presenter.

“On the red carpet I found actors would get bored by the same, repetitive questions and would often say ‘Oh, I’ve been asked that a million times’, but it’s the top-line questions that have to be asked that are filtered from the top.

“I would love to get Kim Kardashian to feature on In Bed — to get to know the real, unpolished version of her, without her thought-out PR plan. That would be more interesting to me and rest of the world see her quite differently.”

The new venture builds on the original YouTube series she launched in conjunction with Junkee Media, where she interviewed personalities in an actual bed. The physical bed is gone and the new show’s title is a metaphor for “connectedness”.

Walford said her new show is designed for a community of young creatives seeking empowering content to learn from and be inspired by.

“It’s to guide people to their true self, raising consciousness and awareness through both storytelling and creativity. Hopefully I’ll be able to give people clarity, meaning and more purpose in their life through the offerings on this platform,” she said.

media_cameraCarissa wanted to create a platform challenging ‘today’s sea of often one-dimensional content’.
media_cameraWalford with upcoming guest fashion designer Kym Ellery, founder of fashion brand Ellery.

The Sydney local — who is the face, director and producer of Schwarzkopf’s #createyourstyle campaign — said she was leading a traditional career “until something came crashing down in my life”.

“I started to notice that the work I was doing particularly on free to air, red carpet interviews and junkets were all so surface level. Even the actors appreciated when I’d come up with a different angle or perspective on what they were doing as artists,” Walford explained.

media_cameraJules Sebastian, host, stylist and founder of The Sebastian Foundation will also feature on IBWC.

After more than a year in the making, her network will launch on June 2, with co-founder of fashion label P.E Nation, Pip Edwards, as her first guest.

Edwards will lift the lid on her personal life while revealing struggles with her journey into motherhood.

“As cliche as this sounds, literally right now is the highlight of my career. What I’m about to do is my best and proudest moment,” Walford said.

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