Pompeo: Claims About Extreme Service to Trump 'Ludicrous'


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Tuesday said claims made about him in a 21-page New Yorker profile that he aligned himself with President Donald Trump, who he once opposed, to benefit his own career are “ludicrous,” while taking offense to some of the language used in the article. 

“He cares deeply about America,” Pompeo told “CBS This Morning.” “He wants to see the American people secure, he wants to grow our economy, he wants better lives for them.”

Pompeo, a former U.S. Representative from Kansas, supported Sen. Marco Rubio in the 2016 presidential race, and at that time often criticized Trump. However, after the election, Pompeo joined the administration, serving first as CIA director and then shifting to the State Department after Trump fired Secretary Rex Tillerson.

In the article, titled “Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of Trump,” Pompeo was called in a sub-headline the “president’s most loyal soldier.” One unnamed former U.S. official said he is “among the most sycophantic and obsequious people around Trump,” and a former U.S. ambassador was more profane, calling the secretary  a “heat-seeking missile for Trump’s a**.”

“I find the language offensive, and I find the statement ludicrous,” said Pompeo. “I work hard for the president of the United States, who was constitutionally elected. He is my leader, my task is to share with him the best information. If we disagree, my duty is to go share with him our disagreements. I do that with great frequency, but when he makes a decision, and it’s legal, it is my task to go execute that with all the energy and power that I have.”

Pompeo also has been rejecting calls to run for the Senate in Kansas, and said Tuesday he wants to remain in Trump’s administration as secretary of state should the president be reelected. 

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