Pic Of 'Huge Broccoli' Goes Viral, Reddit Can't Decide If It's Creepy Or Funny


Pic Of 'Huge Broccoli' Goes Viral, Reddit Can't Decide If It's Creepy Or Funny

A huge Broccoli has surprised Reddit users.HighlightsBroccoli is a vegetable which has divided internet users and foodiesReddit user shared a photo

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A huge Broccoli has surprised Reddit users.


  • Broccoli is a vegetable which has divided internet users and foodies
  • Reddit user shared a photo of a tree which seemed like a ‘giant’ Broccoli
  • Take a look at the hilarious reactions to the post

Broccoli is one vegetable which has divided foodies’ opinions. While some swear by the healthy floret in their dishes, others tend to avoid it altogether. There is, however, no denying the fact that Broccoli is a storehouse of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The low-calorie, high-fibre cruciferous vegetable is a must-have for those trying to lose weight. Apart from this, its high Vitamin C content is great for building immunity and nourishing hair and skin. All these health benefits that Broccoli offers make it a wonderful vegetable to add to the diet, although several complain about its bland taste. A Reddit user recently shared a photo of a ‘Huge Broccoli’, which was actually a tree which resembled the vegetable.

There’s a huge broccoli outside!!! from r/funny

The hilarious picture was shared on the sub-Reddit r/funny, which has over 35 million members. Posted by u/posingur, the photo went viral on Reddit receiving over 48.5k upvotes and hundreds of comments. In the capture, we could see a strange tree which had a thin trunk and lush green foliage. The strange lighting and timing of the photograph made it look exactly like a giant Broccoli! “There’s a huge broccoli outside,” exclaimed the user along with the post.


Users reacted to the photograph in the viral Reddit thread. While some thought it was the stuff of their nightmares, others found it quite amusing. “It’s how I got my kids to eat the stuff… I called them trees,” commented one user on the post while another suggested, “Kill it with melted cheese!” Others recommended eating the cruciferous vegetable for its health benefits, suggesting eating it with a number of interesting and unique recipes.

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What did you think of the giant Broccoli photo? Pour in your reactions in the comments below. For some interesting and unique broccoli recipes you can try, check the link here.


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