Phillip Schofield stunned by amount of drinks hungover Emily Atack had at Pride Of Britain


Emily Atack stunned Phillip Schofield today by revealing how many drinks she had at the Pride Of Britain Awards.

The I’m A Celebrity star had told This Morning’s deputy editor that she was going to limit herself to just six drinks when asked if she would be tipsy.

Phillip and co-host Holly Willoughby said that six was still actually quite a lot of booze, so were shocked when Emily confessed she went a fair few over that mark.

“OK I may have gone over by three,” admitted Emily, who looked surprisingly sprightly considering how much she drank.

However, shocked Phillip shouted out: “Nine drinks!”
Emily was handling her hangover well on This Morning
Emily showed off her amazing curves in a tight black sweeping gown

Holly said: “See, that’s what happens when you’re this young. You can get away with it.”

Emily, who showed off her gorgeous brown locks at the ceremony, confessed her hangovers are “still surprisingly light” .

Phillip, who was also at the inspirational event, added: “You look remarkably good for it.”
She was captured pulling up her dress before a wardrobe malfunction

Emily is baring all in her new book – and admitted some of her family were shocked with how honest she was.

She said: “I can’t help but spill everything out. It’s a good thing I guess. I thought why not spill it all out in a book.

“The family all read the first copy I did. Everyone was like ‘you can’t put that in’. I’m just very honest about things.

“Growing up, it was chaotic. I lived in a freelance entertainment household. It was really good fun. Was smothered with love. There’s so much to tell there. I didn’t have the regular upbringing.”
Emily opened up about her childhood

Emily joked that her family are a “bunch of show offs” and she thought it was “completely normal” to come home and see Les Dennis in her living room.

But her showbiz lifestyle did have some negative side effects as she was bullied at school.

She said: “I think when you look back, if you’ve been through some kind of bullying, some bullies know they’re bullying. I don’t think people now at the time that impact is having on somebody.”
Emily spoke about her troubles with bullies

Emily also spoke about her struggles with mental health and how it has impacted her life.

She added: “I find people who suffer from depression, it’s often the ones with the biggest smiles. If you’re suffering internally you don’t want to believe it sometimes.

“Growing up it was tough with everybody taking a disliking to me. I looked very different. I hear people say ‘get over it’ but it does stay with you.

“Whenever people are in my presence I feel it’s a constant thing I want to remind people I’m a good person and I’m not all the things people in school said I was.”

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