Pence Refuses to Categorically Call For End to 'Send Her Back' Chants


Vice President Mike Pence told CBS News’ “Face The Nation” on Sunday he is “not pleased” with the “send her back” chant at President Donald Trump’s recent reelection rally, but refused to categorically call for the cheers to be stopped.

Asked if he wanted the see the chants repeated, Pence said, “The president was very clear that he wasn’t happy about it. And that if it happened again he – he might – he might make an effort to speak out about it.”

Pence tried to equate the rhetoric on both sides of the controversy, saying that what he and the president are “also not pleased about is the fact that there are four members of Congress who are engaging in the most outrageous statements.”

The chants at the rally came as Trump attacked Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, who immigrated as a child refugee from Somalia.

Pence stressed that “millions of Americans share the president’s frustration about sitting members of Congress engaging in that kind of reckless rhetoric – whether it be anti-Semitic rhetoric, whether it be referring to Border Patrol agents as running concentration camps – and the president thought it was important to stand up to them. And I’m glad he did it.”

The vice president added that “Trump is going to continue to stand up for America and call out that kind of rhetoric by those members. And it’s time that Democratic leadership in Congress did the same.”

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