Our four closest allies fear they cannot trust Jeremy Corbyn with classified intelligence


Red alert

JEREMY Corbyn scares millions of voters. Understandably so. But it is terrifying for our military allies too — and that should worry anyone still wondering how to vote.

If the polls are right, one third of our country wants to install a Prime Minister who blames Britain and the West for all the world’s ills and wants to END our defensive alliances.

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Jeremy Corbyn is hopelessly weak on terrorism[/caption]

Who wants to shut down Nato, which has kept peace in Europe for 70 years and is currently meeting in the UK. Who directly threatens our security because our four closest allies fear they cannot trust him with classified intelligence.

Why would they? Corbyn backed the IRA against Britain, the Argentines after the Falklands invasion and the Kremlin after the Salisbury poisonings.

He is hopelessly weak on terrorism. He would negate our nuclear deterrent.

How can the Lib Dems and the SNP even think of propping up this anti-Western Marxist wrecker and his racist crew?

Loco Labour

IS there no limit to Labour’s bribes to ­middle-class voters at the expense of the poor? If it wasn’t illegal they’d just hand out cash on suburban doorsteps.

Corbyn would cut a third off rail fares by stripping money from road upgrades
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The latest ruse is arguably their most idiotic yet. Four in ten of us don’t use a train from one year to the next. Only five per cent do so more than once a week. Vastly more people,
especially outside the capital, rely on the roads.

But Corbyn would cut a third off rail fares by stripping money from road upgrades: A £1,000 bung for well-heeled London commuters, taken from the low-earners his party once championed.

It’s “for the few, from the many”.

Perhaps Corbyn hopes to distract us. Because we can now see exactly what the trains would be like under Labour.

Just look at the sickening month-long South Western Railway strike now unleashed by his RMT union buddies.

And imagine them paralysing an entire renationalised network.

Tell all, Andrew

PRINCE Andrew must fly to the US without delay to be questioned by the FBI.

Assuming Andrew is innocent, he should have no difficulty rebutting any claims
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Five victims of his paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein will serve subpoenas if he ever sets foot there. After last night’s explosive Panorama he must pre-empt them.

Assuming Andrew is innocent, he should have no difficulty rebutting any claims. He can explain his continued close friendship with Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged to have
been “the Madam . . . the nuts and bolts of the sex trafficking operation”.

He can explain why he has a bizarrely clear memory of a 2001 pizza but not the infamous photo with Virginia Giuffre, 17, which increasingly looks genuine.

Andrew has cast a giant shadow over the royals. He cannot sit tight in Britain.

He must clear his name immediately.

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