Novak Djokovic reaches out to Roger Federer after Laver Cup snub | Tennis | Sport


Roger Federer has revealed Novak Djokovic contacted him during the Laver Cup.

There is an air of mystery around Djokovic’s absence at the exhibition event, especially as he had teamed up with Federer to win the title the previous year.

It was suggested the pair’s recent political clashes may have led to the world No 1 not receiving an invitation.

But Federer has explained he was in contact with Djokovic after clips of himself and Rafael Nadal coaching the team drew huge praise.

“It’s great fun. I don’t know what to tell you. It’s incredible all the videos and pictures that did come out of the Laver Cup again,” Federer said during his Shanghai Masters press conference.

“I tried my best to support the players and the team and create a good team atmosphere. And everybody did, as well.

“We have had a really great time. I just ran into Fognini just now. Dominic Thiem just texted me before.

“You know, I was in touch with Rafa the last few days, as well. Novak also wrote me, you know. So it’s nice to be in touch with everybody, to be quite honest.

“But yeah, moments like this, you know, where we try to encourage a rival basically to go out and win and have them on your side of the net, on your team, is very refreshing, I think, for us also.

“I think that a tennis player at heart also likes team competition because we are also sports fans.

“Usually when you watch other sports, there are a lot of teams that you support.

“For us to be on the same team is very, very cool. I had a blast that weekend in Geneva.”

Federer has spent the last week recovering from the Laver Cup and he is now raring to go in Shanghai.

He added: “I also did have a bit of a rest after the Open, so I felt really refreshed going into the Laver Cup.

“And the day after basically was in the gym after the Laver Cup doing my stuff, getting ready for here, and I’m happy where I am right now.”


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