Novak Djokovic holds record Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are unlikely to ever match | Tennis | Sport


Novak Djokovic faces an uphill battle if he wants to win the most Grand Slam titles of any male tennis player in history, but his prize money total is highly likely to end up as more than both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

The Serbian has won 16 major titles since making his debut on the circuit in 2006, and was tipped to beat Federer’s total of 20, but a fine season for Nadal helped him take his tally to 19.

The 32-year-old still has a chance of beating both the Swiss, 38, and the Spaniard, 33, but will need to make sure he betters their wins for the rest of his career.

However, one record that Djokovic is always likely to hold is his prize winning money, as he sits a mammoth £16million above Nadal and £7m above Federer.

Djokovic has won $135,851,985 [£105,448,310.76], having won 884 and lost 185 of his singles matches.

Federer has won $127,024,700 [£98,661,354.74] having won 1231 and 268 lost of his singles outings.

Nadal has won $115,178,858 [£89,460,570.80] having won 967 and lost 196 of his singles matches.

The next closest is Andy Murray, who has earned $61,423,085 [£47,707,924.35] having won 667 and losing 196 of his singles outings.

Djokovic, who will need to win at least five more Grand Slam titles to become the most successful male player of all time, has been backed by his mother to do so, because of his age.

“I think he will,” Dijana Djokovic told GQ magazine.

“I think it is on his mind. His goal is to be the best in the world. So if he wants that, he must win more Slams.

“I just wish he is healthy. If he is healthy I can bet, I am sure, I believe he will do that.

“He is working on himself and preparing for every match, especially when playing Nadal or Federer.

“It’s a special moment to play against them. He told me he knows it’s going to be [difficult].”


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