NBC: Whitey Bulger Supported Trump in Prison Letters


Prison letters from slain mobster Whitey Bulger reveal he was a big supporter of President Donald Trump, NBC News reported.

“Trump is tough and fights back instead of bowing down to pressure — and caving in to press!” Bulger wrote in a letter to a prison pen pal who had served on a jury that convicted him of murder, according to the report. “U.S. agrees with him press attacking and his reaction increases his popularity — he has my vote so far.”

Among the other political topics covered include shots at special counsel Robert Mueller, who was a U.S. prosecutor in Boston in the 1980’s and FBI director when agents had been accused of protecting mobsters like Bulger.

“Smile,” Bulger signed off in one of the letters to juror Janet Uhlar, who wrote “The Truth Be Damned” about her trial experiences. “Wonder if Mueller thinks of me?

“Give my regards to the President!”

In that same letter, Bulger wrote held Trump-like contempt for the media.

“Media is a bigger problem than Trump,” he wrote, according to NBC News. “Through U.S. history the media’s hunger for scoops and headlines has cost the lives of U.S. servicemen. Can cite examples.

“. . . Trump is fortunate to have loyalty of [conservative commentator Bill Cunningham], Rush Limbaugh + Hannity AKA ‘Little Rush.”

Bulger chimed in on Mueller’s investigation, suggesting Mueller was not without “sin.”

“Trump is experiencing what Mueller and company can orchestrate,” Bulger wrote, per the report. “[Mueller] should observe biblical saying – ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’

“Sorry to hear Trump is being boxed in by so many.”

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