Mum’s horror as stranger snatches her screaming baby out of shopping trolley and hurls him onto the floor in supermarket car park


A MUM was left horrified when a stranger snatched her baby from her shopping trolley and threw him into the ground in a supermarket car park.

The unnamed 17-year-old attacker targeted one-year-old Jensen Counts in Edmond Oklahoma, USA, last month.

This is the moment a teenager snatched a baby from a shopping trolley and threw him on the ground
The baby’s mother was left shocked as she stood in the car park after the attack
One-year-old Jensen luckily only suffered bruising after the attack

Shocking CCTV footage of the event, which took place at Crest Foods on May 24, shows the random attack.

An eye witness was heard making a 911 call and saying: “I’m at Crest, a man just threw a lady’s baby out of the cart.

“You could hear the baby screaming.”


She added: “I’ve never in my life seen anything like that. It freaked me out.”

The youngster was strapped into his car seat when he was snatched and thrown, meaning he only suffered bruising from the landing.

Jensen’s shaken mother Dusty Counts told KOCO: “He was screaming. I got him out of the car seat as fast as I could.”

Before the teenager was apprehended, he attacked a sign, jumped on cars and exposed himself to passersby.


When police arrived he begged them to “shoot him”.

He told officers he had smoked weed believed to be laced with PCP or acid before he made the attack.

PCP, also known as angel dust, is a mind-altering drug that causes hallucinations, distorted perceptions of sound and violent behaviour.

The teen apologised to cops and was taken to hospital to be looked at by doctors.

He has since been charged with aggravated assault and battery, and a misdemeanour count of assault on a police officer.

He also faces count of indecent exposure, public intoxication and malicious injury or destruction of property.

Police are appealing for information about the source of the tainted marijuana.

In 2017, a rampaging driver accused of mowing down crowds of people in New York’s Times Square told police he had smoked marijuana laced with the mind-bending drug PCP.

Richard Rojas, 26, was charged with murder after killing 18-year-old Alyssa Elsman and injuring 22 others when he sped down the pavement at the world-famous site.

Mum Dusty was left horrified after the incident
The unnamed 17-year-old approached mother and baby seemingly randomly
He was also spotted attacking a sign post in the car park
He was later arrested on numerous counts after he rampaged around the car park

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