Mum made her £1million fortune with a gross product that parents will love – a SNOT remover


A MUM who started up her gross snot-busting business as a side hustle has revealed how she’s made her first million selling the parent-loved product.

Laura Klein, a stay-at-home mum of three from Brisbane, Australia, became a millionaire after launching her online business selling battery powered SNOT suckers for babies.

Laura Klein became a millionaire by selling snot suckers

While the suckers may seem like a ‘grotty’ concept, there was a huge gap in the market that Laura couldn’t help but fill after struggling herself to remove boogers from her baby’s nose.

Having launched her business ‘Snotty Noses’ in 2013, Laura told News AU: “Everyone laughs at our business name but it’s memorable – and it does what it says.

“It was simply a product I had used as a mother. I bought it thinking it probably wouldn’t work but it saved me. It was amazing.”

Leaving her job as a full-time teacher, Laura contacted the distributor of the snot sucker she used on her own children – offering to be a rep for the handy product.

The mum-of-three became a representative for the product she used on her children
The 44-year-old set up the business from home and now supplies the snot removers all over the world

The 44-year-old accepted the business offer, and started off by buying one box of stock and selling it to friends and family – something she achieved in just a week.

Recognising she was onto something, Laura launched a website a week later – and soon she was receiving hundreds of orders every day for the snot remover.

The family keep the products in the downstairs of their two-story home, but are constantly having to restock in order to keep up with the demand.

“Now I have five staff in Brisbane and we do thousands of orders every month,” she added. “And there’s 1000 babies born a day in Australia so our target market is never running out.”

Laura celebrated making her first million dollars in 2017

And while there are plenty of products out there that are similar, Laura says her battery powered sucker is the best way to remove blockages and prevent further infections.

Laura champions online mother’s groups as the secret weapon behind her fast growing business, explaining the ‘golden’ networks mean that products that work are sought after by ‘everyone’.

In 2017, Laura made her first million, in Australian Dollars, and last year alone she pocketed a staggering £900,000 – with that figure looking to double this year.

The businesswoman wants to encourage other mums to get out on the market if they have a product that’s proven to be a success – urging them to ‘keep going’ with their market dreams.

She concluded: “Women my age have a renewed creativity and desire to make a difference. You just need to make sure it’s something your passionate about and keep going.”

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