Mum distraught as vicious SEAGULL snatches her pet chihuahua from back garden and carries it off in its beak


A DESPERATE dog owner has put out an appeal to find her beloved pooch after it was carried off by a seagull from her garden.

Gizmo, a four-year-old miniature Chihuahua, was in Becca Hill’s garden in Paignton, Devon, when the seagull swooped down and carried off the small dog in its beak this afternoon.

Becca is desperate to get her beloved chihuahua back
Facebook / Becca Louise Hill

The distressing incident was witnessed by Becca’s partner who was hanging out the washing at the time.

Becca, 24, is hoping Gizmo is still unharmed and she can be reunited with him and her two other dogs, Devon Live reports.

She said: “My partner was in the garden putting the washing out at the time and suddenly he saw it swoop down. It carried Gizmo a fair way as we couldn’t see him anymore. I have no idea if he was dropped or where he is now.”

Becca put a desperate plea to find her dog on Facebook.

She wrote: “Please, please, please, anyone finds a chihuaua he’s mine a seagull has took him from my garden. Bottom of Maridon Road, Paignton. Have a really upset 6 year old missing her dog.”

A spokesperson from the RSPCA told The Sun Online: “Our hearts go out to Gizmo’s family and we hope he is found soon and is okay.”

While seagull attacks on dogs are not unheard of they are still rare.

In August 2015 a seagull attacked and tried to carry off a Jack Russell in its talons near the Port of Dover.

Dene Robertson rushed out of his kitchen after hearing his dog, which weighed 16lbs, yelp, only to find the bird had its claws in the two-year-old’s neck and was trying to lift him into the air.

A flock of Herring gulls pecked to death Roo, a Yorkshire Terrier, in July 2015 with the incident being witnessed by Emily Vincent’s three-year-old son Jace.

Roo suffered a wound to his head and brain damage after the attack.

The eight-year-old pet was rushed to the vet but had to be put down after failing to respond to treatment.

In May of the same year Niki Wayne found her Chihuahua puppy being pecked to death by seagulls.

While Niki had been taking a shower the pup had managed to push open a door and get out.

Becca issued a desperate plea to find her beloved pooch on Facebook
Paignton is a seaside town on the south coast of Devon
Google Maps
A seagull managed to carry off four-year-old Gizmo
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