Mum causes ‘wild’ frenzy over $5 item


We love to hate it, but the power of social media can be quite impressive at times.

Just ask Kristin Fisher, who recently fell victim to her own influencer power and has been left hilariously kicking herself as a result.

The mum-of-two from Double Bay runs a hugely successful beauty business — Kristin Fisher Eyebrows — and has built up a large following thanks to her impressive skills with a microblading scalpel, transforming the faces of some of our biggest stars.

But when she told her 31,000 followers about her love of a $5 hot chocolate drink recently, she had no idea how much chaos it would create.t.

As a result, people flocked to buy it and the drink sold out everywhere. Supermarket giants Coles and Woolies struggled to keep up with the overwhelming demand for the drink.

media_cameraSydney mum Kristin Fisher caused a $5 hot chocolate to sell out after revealing it was her favourite. Picture: Instagram/KristinFisher

“I’ve deadset think I’ve received 300+ messages from women running to their local supermarket and some buying up to five boxes,” she told

“It’s wild. Avalanche need to fire their marketing team pronto and appoint me.”

The frenzy began last week when Kristin revealed the 99 per cent sugar free hot chocolate from New Zealand company was her guilty pleasure of choice.

Within hours she was being sent screenshots of people buying the tasty drink — that the brand describe as “wickedly decadent” — in bulk.

media_cameraThe hot chocolate in demand is made by NZ brand Avalanche. Picture: Instagram

But when stocks began to run out, panic sunk in and a frenzy to get hold of it began with people sending her screenshots of empty shelves where the hot choccie should have been.

“So it turns out I am a hot chocolate influencer. Coles and Woolworths have SOLD OUT of the plain Avalanche hot chocolate sachets,” Kristin told her Instagram followers last week.

“What have you done?” one fan asked after discovering Claremont in Perth was out of stock.

“I got the last two in Tamworth,” another said.

media_cameraAfter revealing it was her favourite, Kristin was bombarded with photos from people struggling to buy it. Picture: Supplied/KristinFisher
media_cameraMany pleaded for help locating some. Picture: Instagram/KristinFisher

Others told Kristin they’d gone all the way to their local supermarket, only to discover the journey was “for nothing” when they discovered they were all gone.

Not everyone was unlucky, with some messaging Kristin just to gloat about their gold dust finds.

“Perks of living in Camden,” wrote one person, along with a photo of boxes of the treat.

“Your influencing has spread to regional NSW, Orange Woolworths now sold out,” another said, thanking her for the “hot tip”.

media_cameraWhile others revelled after locating sought-after boxes. Picture: Supplied/KristinFisher
media_cameraA Woolworths spokesperson revealed the hot chocolate was ‘flying off the shelves’ after Kristin’s confession. Picture: Supplied/KristinFisher

Thankfully, it seems Kristin’s plight for her fave hot choccie has ended with good news after people sent her in boxes of the good stuff.

“I love my clients, you’re the best,” she wrote last night, along with a snap of her haul. contacted both Woolies and Coles for comment on the hot chocolate catastrophe and to inquire whether stock had been “replenished”.

media_cameraLuckily the mum — who runs a eyebrow salon in Sydney — was given sparse supplies from some of her clients. Picture: Instagram/KristinFisher
media_cameraAnd later revealed she had no idea she would cause such a ‘frenzy’. Picture: Instagram/KristinFisher

A spokesperson for Woolworths told “We have seen a significant uptake of the Avalanche 99% Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate which has been flying off our shelves in the past few weeks.

“Rest assured, Woolworths has deliveries headed to stores so customers can continue to enjoy this new favourite cult beverage.”

Coles have confirmed they are looking into the crisis.

Are you a fan of this highly sought-after hot chocolate or do you know a better drink? Let us know in the comments below or continue the conversation @RebekahScanlan |

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