Mum begs for help after being told ‘disaster’ £50 eBay wedding dress will cost £600 to fix


EVERY bride wants their wedding dress to look perfect on their big day – so it’s understandable that one woman is horrified her’s has become a “disaster” just two months before she walks down the aisle.

The Mumsnet user revealed that she has just found out her £50 second hand white gown from eBay will take £600 to have the major repairs done so it fits.

A woman has revealed how her £50 eBay wedding dress has become a disaster after she discovered it needed £600 of repairs

In a post titled ‘To be freaking the freak out!?’ she explained how she is due to get married in late August and doesn’t know whether to shell out for the repairs or look for another wedding frock.

“My first dress fitting was this afternoon and it was an absolute disaster!” she said.

“Due to the design of my dress (which is a second hand designer number for £50 off eBay) the seamstress who is very good at altering bridal gowns says that it’s either going to cost me at least £600 to have major repairs done to (and it may look as though it’s been altered).

“Or I should go back to the drawing board and try and find another dress.”

She asked Mumsnet users whether she should start her search again from scratch
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The bride reveals she hasn’t got the money to splurge on a new frock, and so cheap second hand ones her only alternatives.

“But I’m freaking out – it’s so late in the day to be ordering dresses, trying them on, potentially returning them, doing it all over again and getting alterations made,” she said.

The woman asked: “Any advice? Jeans and a tee down the aisle?”

Fortunately, other Mumsnet users were reassuring.

There is just two months to go before her wedding and she has a budget of £200
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One person wrote: “Breathe. You have two months. Floaty Boho is easy and does not need to cost ££££. Online search for white/ cream dresses you like.

“Leave the wording ‘wedding’ out of the search. On the day you want to be comfortable, and most importantly YOU.”

Another suggested: “Try asking elsewhere first. My friend came to me sad that her coat needed £90 of work the other day, my local one charged £10!”

Fellow Mumsnet users were reassuring about her dilemma
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A third agreed: “I’d first try a different seamstress and get a second opinion.”

When the woman revealed in a secomd post that £200 was her budget, people recommended high street brands including ASOS, Monsoon, French Connection, and Needle and Thread.

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