Mind-boggling ‘underboob’ top roasted


Whether we asked for it or not, 2019 is shaping up to be the year of the “underboob”.

The daring trend — that involves a risque high cut that allows the underside of a woman’s breasts to be seen — has dominated swimwear styles for the year, and now it’s moving into our tops too.

An Australian fashion outlet is getting a lot of attention online after releasing a halter-neck top that has taken the “underboob” trend to another level.

Born To Be Chic shared a photo of model Simrava Dee wearing the La Vida set — basically a pair of pants with a matching scarf that they suggest you can rock in a variety of ways as a top — on its Facebook page yesterday, and it was received with utter disbelief.

The mind-boggling $119.95 outfit — which leaves many questioning how on earth it would even home a woman’s assets — has been getting savagely roasted as a result.

This ‘underboob’ crop top has been getting brutally roasted since it was shared online. Picture: Born To Be Chic
media_cameraThis ‘underboob’ crop top has been getting brutally roasted since it was shared online. Picture: Born To Be Chic

“Finally found the outfit for dinner with my bf parents,” one user wrote.

“As a breastfeeding mumma of 3 years, this would work perfectly! Just the right amount of nipple coverage & easy to pop one out when the babes are hungry,” another teased.

“I’m not sure she’s got it on right, it’s a bit hit and miss,” another scoffed.

Another remarked on the store’s current sale, suggesting there was 30% off the outfit as some of it was “missing”.

“The waist band sits a little too low for my liking,” another joked.

Other seriously unimpressed users called out the ensemble, saying the wearer “might as well wear nothing”.

“You might as well not even wear anything at this point,” another agreed.

Others pointed out the confusing case of keeping your nipples in, asking exactly how it was possible.

“Sooo where do you put your nipples?” a puzzled Facebook user asked.

“This is a sneeze away from a nip slip,” someone else mused.

One person claimed the model’s areola had been Photoshopped out because wearing it was “indecent exposure”.

“Is this designed for women with NO NIPPLES….like where are the areolar?” one raged.

“The minute that girl moves her arms or anything to rapidly BAM whole chest out for everyone to see,” said one person.

Mind-boggling ‘underboob’ top roasted. Picture: Born To Be Chic
media_cameraMind-boggling ‘underboob’ top roasted. Picture: Born To Be Chic

Some defended the risque top, calling those who were slamming it “boring”.

“Underboob is a fashion now. All these sad and boring comments about how revealing it is … my boyfriend would kiss my feet if I added this to my collection. I love it,” an “underboob” fan wrote.”

On the brand’s website, it states the “top” can be worn in “multiple ways”, including a bandeau style, which appears to offer more security when tied in a bow. It also comes in lilac, navy, red and sold-out champagne.

You can wear the top — which is really a scarf — in ‘multiple’ ways according to the website. Picture: Born To Be Chic
media_cameraYou can wear the top — which is really a scarf — in ‘multiple’ ways according to the website. Picture: Born To Be Chic

This year, the fashion world has been smacked in the face with this daring “underboob” trend — but it’s mostly rocked in a swimwear variety.

In June, Fashion Nova was teased mercilessly over its “Euphoria Bikini” — which from the back looked like any other ordinary two-piece.

But it only just covered the top of the wearer’s breasts while leaving underneath totally exposed.

And, there’s no way anyone could ever get away with actually swimming in it, as many of the brand’s 15 million followers took great pleasure in pointing out on Instagram.

“If I had these tatas, hell no I’d be scared for them to fall out,” one person wrote.

Another added: “This suit is made to take pictures in, not to actually swim or sunbathe.”

“I don’t think she got the right size,” another mocked.

“So what happens if she does a cannon ball in the pool?” someone else teased.

Meanwhile, others took it a bit more seriously, declaring the swimmers “look ridiculous”, adding the impractical two-piece was “gross” and offered “no support”.

“But why …” one simply stated.

Although underboob bikinis were all over our social media feeds in 2017 — with stars like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian rocking them regularly — they’re now officially taking over Instagram.

Have you seen a bizarre fashion trend causing a frenzy online? Let us know in the comments below or continue the conversation at @RebekahScanlan | rebekah.scanlan@news.com.au

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