Merseyside Police And Liverpool City Council Came Under Fire After They Urged People To ‘step In’ To Prevent Women From Being Raped


POLICE and a council have been blasted for “victim shaming” after they urged people to “step in” to stop women being raped.

Merseyside Police and Liverpool city council came under fire after posting a video online as part of a Citysafe campaign that urged “friends to look after each other on a night out”.

Merseyside Police and Liverpool City Council have come under fire after posting a video online that urged friends to look after each other on a night out

Twitter / @MerseyPolice Merseyside Police have since deleted this post from their Twitter account

Twitter / @lpoolcouncil Liverpool Council also deleted their tweet and put out a statement acknowledging it may have caused offence

Titled Know When To Step In, it played through the scenario where a woman “told her mates she’d had enough” and “the bar staff knew they shouldn’t have served her that last shot”.

It says: “Her mates should have gone outside with her. Shouldn’t have left her on her own in that state. Know when to step in.”

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