Melania Trump biographer reveals FLOTUS' 'most powerful' moment after icy row with Donald


Melania Trump biographer reveals FLOTUS' 'most powerful' moment after icy row with Donald

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, the US author claimed Melania Trump's reaction to Donald Trump's Access Hollywood tape that was leaked a

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Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the US author claimed Melania Trump’s reaction to Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood tape that was leaked ahead of his presidential victory, was icy but pivotal to his win against Hillary Clinton. Ms Jordan said: “I think the moment when Melania Trump was most powerful was after that Access Hollywood tape.

“The whole world heard a candidate that was running for President one month down to the election, in a tight election with Hillary Clinton, and he said disgusting things about grabbing women and he had the right to do that – those vulgar words.

“It took Trump two hours to go in the elevator and go up to apologise to her.

“And her reaction was icy in the beginning and eventually, while she did not agree to go on a joint TV appearance that the campaign was pushing, eventually she did crucially back him up in an interview and said it was just boys’ talk.

“And then further supported him.

“She’s credited with really helping him winning the election.”

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In her new book, The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump, Ms Jordan dives into the history of the enigmatic First Lady of the United States.

The relationship between Melania Trump and her billionaire husband is subject to speculation.

The author has shed light on the ways in which the presidential couple operate.

Melania, a Slovenian immigrant, married Donald in 2005, over a decade after then met in a New York bar when she was 27.

She worked as a model before she married the future-president, in a huge and lavish wedding at his sprawling property in Palm Beach, Florida.

According to the author, Melania is will Donald the silent treatment if she is unhappy.

The author wrote: “The way she shows that she’s upset with Trump is to walk away, to be invisible, and he doesn’t like that.

“He likes the very good-looking younger wife at his side. So she cancelled going to Davos, for instance, in the first year, very abruptly.

“She didn’t get in the car with him to go to the State of the Union, a 10-minute car ride after there were lengthy reports about infidelities with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.”