Man receives ‘ugly sweater’ insult on Chick-fil-A ticket order


Daniel Graham was left outraged when staff insulted his sweater when he made a fast-food order.

Mr Graham took to Twitter to share a photo of his ticket order and a picture of himself.


The receipt he claimed was from Chick-fil-A, a fast-food chain in the US, said “ugly sweater” in capital letters.

“I’m not mad but I am sad and I will take reparations in free chicken sandwiches,” he wrote in a follow up tweet.

Mr Graham clarified it was not a receipt but a takeout ticket staff use to identify the customer.

He said it was given to him by accident.

His tweet has gone viral with nearly 150,000 likes and 17,000 retweets.

The ticket order posted to Twitter.
media_cameraThe ticket order posted to Twitter.
Daniel Graham was fuming at the insult.
media_cameraDaniel Graham was fuming at the insult.

Many jumped to his defence, with some even saying they owned the same sweater.

“But this sweater is actually so cute and I need it,” one person wrote.

But others agreed with the staff and said they weren’t wrong.

Mr Graham’s is among many receipt or label mishaps exposed by eagle-eyed customers.

In September a US woman said she was made to feel “uncomfortable” after discovering a racist slur on the receipt for her takeaway order from a local Mexican restaurant.

Instead of featuring the customer’s first name, the bill reportedly listed the N-word.

Last month a young mum hit out at one of her favourite cafes after a worker left a nasty note on her receipt.

Kimberly Sze was stunned to find she had allegedly been overcharged – and her daughter had also been insulted with the words “Fam w (sic) the terrifying kid” printed at the top of the document at Coffee Supreme on Christchurch’s Welles St.

And last week a police officer who picked up a Starbucks order for his colleagues during Thanksgiving was stunned to find a cruel insult printed on the drink label.

That incident occurred in Oklahoma in the US when an unnamed officer visited the coffee chain to pick up orders for a number of other cops who were working on the holiday.

But when he collected his purchase, a customer pointed out the word “pig” had been printed on a drink label.

The Starbucks employee has been sacked over the incident.

Originally published as Outrage over takeaway ticket insult


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