Macca’s giving away ‘best’ burgers yet


You can’t go wrong with a free burger.

In celebration of International Burger Day next week, McDonald’s Australia will be giving away 250,000 Quarter Pounders.

But, to get your hands on the now juicer burger, customers need to log into the mymacca’s app and check My Rewards.

Only one Quarter Pounder per person is available, so your mates have to redeem their own free burger.

media_cameraMacca’s is giving away 250,000 free Quarter Pounders on International Burger Day.

It can be redeemed from 5am on May 28 until stocks last, so you better get in quick.

The 250,000 free burger offer comes after the fast-food chain announced it had shaken up the way it cooked and served its classic burgers.

Just two days ago, Macca’s revealed the change to their signature patty.

Patties cooked in McDonald’s Australia will now be seared for precisely 40 seconds to ensure the meat is the “juiciest patty our customers have ever had”.

Restaurants will also cook onions on the same grill as the meat to add flavour, serve cheese “perfectly” melted and add an extra squeeze of special sauce to their famous Big Mac’s. All of this served on a softer, freshly toasted bun.

media_cameraAustralians are the first to enjoy the fast-food giant’s new method of cooking and serving burgers. Picture: McDonald’s

But if you’re worried your beloved burger is about to change forever, McDonald’s Australia vice-president Sharon Paz told the shake-up would ensure the taste was better than ever.

And some customers have already agreed.

“Just tried the new big Mac and it was yummmmm!!!!” one fan said of the modified burger on Macca’s Instagram page.

“YUM! Keep up the good work guys!”

But not everyone had the same view.

“All I can taste is stewed onions,” one person said. “The cheeseburger was my most favourite thing of all time. And now it’s inedible. Those onions have ruined cheeseburgers and Big Mac tastes horrible. I was such a fan, now I can’t eat it anymore. I guess my waistline thanks you.”

The company hasn’t always got it right when introducing new recipes and practices to their chains.

In April this year, McDonald’s took a second stab at its limited edition Wagyu beef burger, bringing it back despite facing pretty harsh criticism first time around.

They also found themselves in a bit of a pickle over their April Fool’s Day prank. Despite not actually creating a pickle burger, fans desperately wanted it — causing Macca’s to be a little red-faced.

However, when trialling some items, fans have lapped it up — such as a new veggie burger currently being tested in South Australia thanks to customer demand.

Originally published as Macca’s giving away ‘best’ burgers yet


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