Love Island's Amy rages as Curtis kisses Arabella and gives her 10/10


There’s trouble in paradise for the villa’s golden couple Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard in tonight’s explosive episode of Love Island .

The air hostess is left fuming when her half-boyfriend kisses another woman and rates the smooch a ten out of ten.

In Friday’s challenge the boys have to kiss all the girls while blindfolded and decide which one of them is the best kisser.

A freshly released trailer shows new girl Arabella Chi, 28, give the ballroom dancer, 23, a very passionate snog.

Amy, 26, is seen glaring at the stunning model, before Curtis goes and puts his foot in it.

Curtis kissed newbie Arabella in Love Island
Curtis kissed newbie Arabella in Love Island

Amy was absolutely raging
Amy was absolutely raging

As Arabella pulls away he has a massive grin on his face, saying: “Good connection, it’s a ten.”

Amy’s face almost turns purple as the rest of the Islanders look at each other in shock.

Despite not being the one to kiss her and also being blindfolded himself, Anton twigs that it wasn’t Amy that Curtis kissed.

“I don’t think that’s who you think it was,” he says.

Even more awkwardly, Curtis only gave Amy a score of seven.

Curtis rated her a ten out of ten
Curtis rated her a ten out of ten

The boys have to choose the best kisser
The boys have to choose the best kisser

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Later on in the beach hut, Amy says: “Curtis gave supermodel Arabella a ten because it was a great connection. And he gave me a seven so that’s not cool.”

Amy later confronts him about it, telling him she sent him a secret message so he knew it was her.

She says: “I scratched your neck like I always do, so you knew it was me. And then you gave me a seven and rated everyone else really high.”

Curtis says “I didn’t know that it was you.”

Anton told Curtis he didn't kiss Amy
Anton told Curtis he didn’t kiss Amy

Arabella causes problems for several of the girls during the kissing challenge, especially Yewande.

Danny is torn between the two of them, and Arabella really pulled out all the stops to try and win him over.

She gives him a long and passionate kiss — right in front of love rival Yewande.

“I think Arabella kind of went for it with Danny,” a furious Yewande said.

Amy wasn't happy
Amy wasn’t happy

“This was like her perfect opportunity to get to kiss him and I’m pretty sure this is going to be her last as well.”

Later on in the clip the girls sit down to have a tense conversation in which Amber defiantly said she was going to continue to get to know Danny.

Her comment set Yewande on edge, saying: “I am f***ing fuming.”

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