Love Island’s Adam Collard Finally Explains Why He Was Smirking During Tearful Row With Rosie Williams


LOVE Island’s Adam Collard has finally tried to explain why he was smirking during THAT tearful row with Rosie Williams.

The 22-year-old had caused controversy thanks to his behaviour towards Rosie after he dumped her, which led to women’s charity branding him ‘emotionally abusive’.

Adam Collard has revealed why he smirked during his row with Rosie

But last night, the personal trainer opened up about the incident, claiming it was taken out of context, as he appeared on Aftersun alongside Zara McDermott.

Caroline Flack told him: “This is what upset everybody. While she was telling you how she felt, when she was obviously really upset, you just kind of laughed.”

He replied:  “The conversation was a lot longer than what was obviously on the episode and it was massively cut down. I wasn’t laughing at Rosie being upset. I wouldn’t like to see anybody upset not any of the girls.

“It was almost because the conversation had gone on for so long. I didn’t say one word because I couldn’t get a word in edgeways.

ITV Adam was seen smirking throughout the row

A tearful Rosie was comforted by the girls Love Island’s Adam Collard leaves Rosie Williams in tears after showing new girl Zara McDermott attention

“She was speaking at me, I didn’t get a chance to defend myself or explain the situation. I was almost laughing as in I can’t even speak or get a word in.”

Caroline asked him if he could understand why the incident caused such a furore and he told her: “I can totally understand why people were getting upset but I really didn’t intentionally try to upset her.

ITV The pair came to blows a number of times on the show

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“It wasn’t nice to see Rosie upset at all. As much as me and Rosie have our differences I wouldn’t want to see any girl cry I really wouldn’t. ”

The pair had an explosive confrontation in the show after Adam, began wooing new girl Zara, 21, even though he was coupled up with Rosie, 26.

Fans slammed the personal trainer for smirking throughout the argument and leaving her in tears – something which caused a national debate.

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