Love Island’s Adam Collard Accused Of Lying About Being In Love With Zara Mcdermott As He Admits To Weeing In The Villa’s Showers


CAPITAL radio has seen the likes of Katy Perry, James Corden and Daisy Ridley hooked up to a lie detector machine for the sake of entertainment.

But now it was the turn of Love Island star Adam Collard, who took to the Capital Breakfast Show with Roman Kemp to answer some juicy questions about love interest Zara McDermott.

Capital FM Adam was invited on the Capital Breakfast Show for a lie detector test

Adam was grilled about his behaviour in the villa by co-presenter Vick Hope before the detecting machine was brought in.

Roman told listeners that their guest had ‘no idea’ he was going to be doing this when they invited him as a concerned-looking Adam was attached to the detector.

Trying to calm the nerves of the ex-islander, Roman explained he was the ‘only one from Love Island’ to be tested like this, making it a ‘very special’ moment.

The radio presenter then proceeded to ask Adam, who left the Island last week, questions asked by fans of the hit ITV show from Twitter.

Capital FM Adam was hooked up to the machine by Capital lie detector expert Patty

Starting off easy, Adam truthfully confirmed his name and that he was enjoying his time on the Capital Breakfast Show before the real juicy questions crept out of the woodwork.

Despite his admission of love to Zara on last night’s Aftersun, an unconvinced Roman asked Adam if he had remained faithful since leaving the villa.

After admitting he had spoken to other girls in a ‘non romantic way’ in the past few days, he was asked: “Have you messaged girls other than Zara in a romantic way?”

Adam was quick to clap back without a pause for though, saying: “No, not at all”, moments before lie detector expert Patty revealed that the 99% accurate machine had registered that as a lie.

Instagram Adam Collard posted on Instagram as he was hooked up to the machine

A shocked Roman and Vick, who could be heard gasping as Patty gave the verdict, continued: “Last night on Love Island After Sun you said you love Zara, but do you mean it?”

Adam said convincingly: “I do love Zara”, before a tense moment of silence as the whole team waited for a result.

Shockingly, the machine suggested that Adam was lying – with Roman joking that Zara was ‘already texting him’ as she listened to the interview live at home.

Rex Features Adam made a shock confession that he loved Zara on last night’s After Sun

Though for some this wasn’t the most outrageous answer of them all, as Roman proceeded to ask the ex-islander if he had ever peed in the shared Love Island showers.

Not wanting to hide his guilt and get caught out, Adam said: “I did p*** in the Love Island showers”, forgetting to control his language for the family radio show.

Some fans were loving the juicy gossip, with one taking to Twitter saying: “A lie detector on Adam from #LoveIsland – this is what I’ve been WAITING for!”

Instagram Adam posted this adorable snap of the pair only hours before it was suggested he was lying

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