Love Island episode one predicted Anna would couple up with hunky basketball player


Love Island ‘s first episode predicted Anna Vakili would end up with a hunky basketball player.

The sexy pharmacist, 28, is currently coupled up with Jordan, but her head appears to have been turned during her trip to Casa Amor.

She seems smitten with towering basketball player Ovie, who has checked all her boxes.

Anna has previously insisted she’s looking for a man the same age and who is taller than her, and Ovie is not only 28 – he’s also 6 foot 8.

They share their first snog in tonight’s show, leaving her romance with Jordan possibly on the rocks.

However, it looks like the pair have been destined for each other since day one.

It was even predicted by the first guy she coupled up with, Sherif Lanre.

Anna is seen snogging Ovie in tonight’s episode

Sherif predicted Anna would couple up with a basketball player


The chef, who was booted out earlier in the series, declared in episode one that he though Anna was looking for a basketball player.

He asked her: “What kind of seven-foot basketballer were you waiting for?”

Sherif picked Anna at the first coupling after all the other girls failed to pick him.

They seemed to be getting on quite well before his shock exit.

Sherif got booted out for accidentally kicking Molly-Mae in the groin and making a crude joke about a “c*** punt”.

Ovie and Anna have been getting on very well – and he’s said she’s the one he wants

She’s currently coupled up with Jordan


Anna was left single, but got saved by Anton and she went on to couple up with bombshell Jordan.

However, it looks like Anna may well pie him off and go after the hunky sportsman instead.

Ovie has already made it clear Anna is the girl he wants – and he doesn’t seem ready to give up without a fight.

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*Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2. Love Island: Aftersun follows at 10pm.

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