Love Island Anton Danyluk's mum defiantly claims shaving his bum is 'least I can do'


Love Island’s Anton Danyluk shocked all his villa-mates when he dropped the bomshell that his mum usually shaves his bum to keep him peachy.

His confession stunned viewers, who were quick to brand his mother-son bond a little too close for comfort.

But Sherie Ann Danyluk has spoken out – and defiantly states she sees no difference in shaving the 24-year-old’s bum than changing his nappy as a baby.

“It’s something I do every couple of weeks and it’s no big deal in our house,” she told the Daily Record .

Anton’s mum Sherie Ann fiercely defends shaving his bum for him

She says it’s the ‘least she can do’ for her boy

“At the end of the day, I used to change his nappies so shaving his bum is nothing. What’s the difference in that and taking a bit of hair away from his backside? We are really close and it’s the least I can do for him.”

Proud mum Sherie Ann, who still has the Scottish gym owner living at home, admits she can be somewhat domineering when it comes to his love life.

“There is no one in the villa at the minute who I would pair with Anton. He definitely hasn’t met The One but maybe one of the new Casa Amor girls might take his breath away. I do hope so,” she went on.

Doting mum Sherie Ann doesn’t think any of the current girls are good enough for Anton

She says he’s ‘beautiful inside and out’

“Everyone he has set his heart on so far, like Molly-Mae Hague, Arabella Chi and even Elma Pazar, has gone away and said they liked someone else. I hate seeing him getting rejected over and over.

“I had tears running down my face when Arabella went off with Danny Williams and he wished them well.”

Anton – who has admitted to cheating on every single girlfriend he’s ever had, is “beautiful inside and out”, gushes his doting mum.

“I’m so glad people have got to see my boy in a true light,” she continued.

Anton and Belle kiss in tonight’s episode – but will his mum approve?

“I can understand why his VT gave folk the wrong impression to begin with but Anton is very honest and the first to put his hand up if he has cheated.”

It seems the hunk’s luck might be changing, as he’s seen kissing new girl Belle Hassan in tonight’s Love Island episode.

If he does manage to hit it off with her, after being pied by four other girls, his mum desperate hopes he won’t have sex on screen.

“I think Anton is conscious he is a role model, especially for all the kids he trains. But you don’t know what might happen in the moment if things got carried away. I have total trust that he knows his morals and principles,” she added.

“Even if he doesn’t find love on the island or doesn’t get to the end, he will always be my star.”

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 followed by Aftersun

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