Logan Paul and KSI blasted over farcical press conference with slurs over abortion, dead bodies, WWII and outbursts of swearing in shocking scenes in front of kids


LOGAN PAUL and KSI have been blasted by horrified viewers — after slurs over abortions, dead bodies, World War II and continuous swearing, to promote a boxing match.

Around 3,000 packed into the Troxy in Limehouse, East London to watch the pair exchange crude, tasteless barbs for half an hour.

Logan Paul was booed by the London crowd and told them ‘Winston Churchill would be ashamed’
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KSI brought out a dog who looks identical to the recently-deceased dog of his opponent
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KSI has 20million YouTube subscribers and Paul 19.8m — and they had thousands of teenagers packed into the theatre to hurl tactless comments at each other.

A low point came when Paul — who has pro-life views — used his fight promotion to accuse KSI of having five abortions, to promote a boxing match.

Paul said: “I might kill this man, [he] is on his fifth abortion, his fifth.

“That’s five babies dead and I might return the favour and I might kill you.

“I’m gonna light you on fire, bro.”

After being booed, Paul blurted out: “Wow. All the support we gave you in World War II and this is how you return the favour?

“Winston Churchill would be ashamed.”

Although clearly the Ohio native is no history buff.

Where he was stood at that very moment and the streets around the East London theatre were decimated by bombs dropped by Hitler’s Luftwaffe during the Blitz.

In part, it was images of Britain’s defiance in the face of relentless bombing that eventually convinced reluctant Americans to join the war — and help the Allies turn the tide against the Nazis.

He uses death for views, is there anything that dies that you won’t use for views, that you won’t exploit?


KSI opened his welcome to the stage with: “Welcome to London motherf****.”

After appearing with a dog he calls King Kong, similar to the recently-deceased Pomeranian owned by Paul, the Londoner came out with a string of accusations.

One included a reference to Logan’s controversial video blog featuring a Japanese suicide forest and a dead body.

He said: “He uses death for views, is there anything that dies that you won’t use for views, that you won’t exploit?”

Watford native KSI then threw a thesaurus at the American, joking: “So you can learn some new words.”

Observers on social media were not impressed with their comments.


Thousands of fans, many of them kids, had queued up for hours to get into the Troxy in East London
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Much of East London – where the press conference took place – was decimated during the Blitz
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On Twitter, @kacchansdeku said: “So logan paul of all people is against abortion?? like now the guy who filmed a dead body wants to preach to us?”

And @orbitjisoo said: “Logan Paul literally used footage of a dead person on a youtube video for his 7 year old fans to see but abortion is where he draws the line??”

And @edgymeetsartsy said: “y’all remember when logan paul filmed a literal dead body and laughed? me too, yet people still supporting him?… and now he’s saying s*** about abortion and women’s rights. y’all need to wake tf up and stop giving this white boy attention and money.”


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