Lindsey Graham: Trump Fighting 'Crazy People,' Not Covering Up


President Donald Trump may be fighting back against “crazy people,” who want to destroy his life, but that doesn’t mean he’s covering up anything, Sen. Lindsey Graham said Friday while rejecting claims House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been making.

“You’re not covering anything up when you’re fighting a bunch of politicians trying to destroy you and your family,” the South Carolina Republican told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “Here is what I would say is being covered up, the division in the Democratic Party. When she said there is no division in the Democratic Party…either she is delusional or she is misleading us.”

He also rejected Pelosi’s comment that further investigations may bring Democrats to a place where impeachment is “unavoidable.”

“What is unavoidable is she will lose (her) job if she doesn’t embrace impeachment,” said Graham. “The people she is in charge of lost their mind.”

Graham also Friday said Trump’s decision to allow Attorney General William Barr to declassify intelligence showing the origins of the Russian probe should reveal interesting information.

“You will find out the mentality of the people investigating the president,” said Graham. “You will find out what they did, you find out George Papadopoulos was not working with Russians.”

Graham, as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also said Friday he’ll look at the information to make sure FISA laws can “detect somebody giving the court a bunch of garbage.”

“I want rules that you can’t open up a counterintelligence investigation on a presidential candidate without having a good reason,” said Graham.

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