Laura Tobin breaks down in tears on Good Morning Britain during a visit to Nasa


GOOD Morning Britain’s Laura Tobin broke down in tears this morning as she watched the newest Nasa astronauts training.

The meteorologist – who is a huge fan of space – visited Nasa in Houston to meet the newest crop of recruits who are set to travel to the moon by 2024.

Laura broke down in tears of joy at being in Nasa

And it proved to be an emotional moment for the presenter as she watched a female astronaut climb into a replica of the International Space Station.

Speaking on today’s show Laura said: “We have been here for the last 24 hours because I was invited by Nasa to meet some of the astronauts who have just graduated here to be the first men and women to go back to the moon.

“It’s been a childhood dream of mine, I just love space.

“There’s a huge tank and in it is a a replica of the International Space Station and as soon as I saw that I cried.”

The Good Morning Britain weather presenter was overcome with emotion at the replica of the International Space Station
She turned away from the camera to compose herself this morning
Laura was very emotional at seeing the work Nasa are doing to return to the moon


She added: “They want to get to the moon in 2024.”

Her enthusiasm and interest were palpable as she spoke a mile and a minute about her excitement of being at Nasa.

She added: “I got to meet people designing the new space suits and have a go in a moon rover. I felt like I was in The Martian movie. It was amazing.”

Ben Shephard joked from the studio: “They might get to the moon before you finish speaking.”

Fans were thrilled by Laura’s excitement and emotional response.

One wrote: “Aww Laura on @GMB talking about all things #NASA is the cutest.. you can hear the excitement in her voice.”

A second said: “Laura is my favourite super geek, and how excited was she?”

Another added: “Absolutely loved watching @Lauratobin1excitement and enthusiasm for space on
@GMB!!! My 10yr old daughter follows my excitement and is exactly the same!!! #girlslovespaceto
Keep inspiring Laura!!! “


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