Kylie’s simple act angers her fans


Kylie Jenner is making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, following the launch of her new skincare line, Kylie Skin last month.

The 21-year-old reality star posted a video washing her face with her brand new foaming face wash, in her bathroom. last week.

But eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed an element of the video that the billionaire businesswoman had neglected and it soon landed her in hot water.

media_cameraKylie Jenner is in hot water over a simple act she filmed. Picture: @kyliejenner


Kylie’s foaming face wash promises to “cleanse skin by helping to remove dirt, oil, and makeup for a fresh, bright complexion”.

A bottle of this stuff costs about $35 and is infused with “ultra-nourishing kiwi seed oil, packed with vitamin C and E to help maintain moisture and improve elasticity”.

It was one of six products in the Kylie Skin product range, which sold out in six minutes following it’s launch late last month.

media_cameraKylie Skin Foaming Face Wash costs about $35. Picture: Kylie Skin


In her video, Kylie is seen applying one pump of the foaming face wash to her hand, before rubbing it across the T-zone of her face.

After a few seconds, she washes the cleanser from her face and grabs a white, fluffy towel to dry herself off.

But what Kylie didn’t notice in the mirror was the foaming face wash had been so ineffectual, she had wiped off huge amounts of dark foundation onto the towel.

media_cameraKylie grabs a white towel to wipe her face dry.
media_cameraBut her towel soon appears to be covered in heavy foundation.


What followed was thousands of retweets and comments from people directing the star’s attention to her filthy towel, and questioning whether her product would actually do what it claimed it could.

The taunts and memes came in thick and fast, as did the disappointment, with some people claiming Kylie’s rival makeup queen, Rihanna “would have never done this to us.”

Others joked that the video was as distressing to them as a recent news story about a global debate over whether people wash their legs in the shower.


Some people also pointed out that the makeup mogul failed to wet her face before applying the face wash, something which is explicitly stated on the Kylie Skin website.

“Apply to wet skin and gently massage in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with warm water,” the site said.

One user wrote: “What’s off to me about Kylie Skin is the fact that she’s selling products she clearly doesn’t even use.”

“Sis ur supposed to wash ur face for 60 seconds not 0.6 seconds,” another said.


Fans also condemned Kylie for using a filter on her video, as it concealed the true impact of the wash on her skin.

“Sis … how do you live with yourself knowing you’re a scam …” one woman asked.


Kylie’s own sister, Kim Kardashian West, joined in on the fun, posting a video pretending to be her little sister and promising to “teach you guys how to do a tutorial on how to wash your face”.

“I hijacked her phone because I am in the Kylie Skin show room offices OK?” Kim said to the camera.

But like all good Kardashians, she came to Kylie’s defence, claiming her little sister only had ten seconds to make the video so she had to keep the tutorial brief.

“B**ches, I only have ten seconds, what do you want me to do in ten seconds?” she said.

“I would have done the exact same thing”

“It’s sold out so guys, what is the big deal here with a ten second video, that’s all she’s got.”


While Kylie’s megastar power has ensured her products have been sold out since release, the launch of the line hasn’t been smooth sailing by any stretch.

Prior to the Kylie Skin launch, fans criticised the founder over the ingredients in one of her products — a walnut-powder scrub — claiming walnut shells were an unwise choice for a facial scrub as they can cause irritation of the skin.

media_cameraKylie held a huge, pink-themed launch party for her skincare line last month.

Despite this, Kylie pressed on, dropping her range — including the walnut scrub — in her signature extravagant style.

She held a pink-themed launch party, crammed with celebrities who were able to feast on ramen and pink sushi, and pose by a wall covered in pink rollerskates.


The Kylie Skin range includes six products designed to prep your skin before and after a full face of makeup.

These include a foaming face wash, vitamin C serum, walnut face scrub, eye cream, a milky toner and a face cream.

The total skincare set will set you back $180 but it is currently out of stock after it’s six-minute sellout in late May.

While Kylie’s company works to restock the virtual shelves with more Kylie Skin products, it seems its founder’s attempts to keep fans stocked with content have backfired spectacularly.

media_cameraTomorrow’s a new day, Kylie. Picture: SplashNews

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