Kylie Jenner ‘begged Caitlyn not to mention her I’m A Celeb jungle’ amid tension over ex Travis Scott


KYLIE Jenner begged Caitlyn not to mention her in the I’m A Celebrity jungle amid tension over her split with Travis Scott.

Friends claim that she didn’t want the added stress of dealing with Caitlyn telling campmates family secrets on the show as she deals with co-parenting her daughter Stormi with her ex.

Caitlyn Jenner’s daughter Kylie has begged her not to talk about her on I’m A Celebrity
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“It’s fair to say that Kylie wasn’t thrilled about Caitlyn going on the show,” claims the insider.

“I don’t think she’ll be watching. She’s got so much to deal with right now – the business, her split with Travis, co-parenting Stormi. She asked her dad not to mention her to the campmates – she knows everyone will be curious and have questions about her, but she doesn’t want to be used for ratings on a show she’s not even on.

“Kylie is actually very fragile and sensitive and it’s a tough time for her right now.”

The Sun Online has contacted Kylie’s rep for a comment.

Kylie has a lot on her plate following her split from Travis Scott
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Caitlyn has only mentioned daughter Kendall and former step-daughters Kourtney and Kim so far – and worn a pair of trainers designed by former son in law Kanye West.

She hasn’t name-dropped sons Brandon or Brody, or said Kylie or Khloe’s names either – despite Kardashians superfan Jacqueline Jossa quizzing her about her family.

Khloe and Brody were the only family members to skip Caitlyn’s 70th birthday party last month – and none of Cait’s family have supported her on social media.

However, The Sun Online revealed that ex wife Kris Jenner has wished Caitlyn luck – and warned her she’ll be watching.

Caitlyn’s campmates have been grilling her for gossip on her famous family
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Tonight, the Olympian and reality star will take on her worst fear – a helmet full of snakes – in a Bushtucker Trial.

It comes as The Sun exclusively revealed how Caityn hasn’t spoken to her son Brody in a year after she missed his wedding to party in Austria.

The Olympian – who has six biological kids and four step-children – has had a strained relationship with The Hills hunk over the years and they ceased contact after she failed to attend his nuptials to Kaitlynn Carter in 2018.

Caitlyn Jenner hasn’t spoken to her son Brody in a year
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At the time Caitlyn was pictured partying in Austria for “work commitments” while Brody’s close friends and other family members congregated in Sumba, Indonesia for the big day.

An insider told The Sun Online:  “It’s never been the easiest relationship. For a long time, Brody had to watch his dad play happy families with the Kardashians and it hurt, because Caitlyn was never around for him so Brody felt that he didn’t have much of a father.

“But when Caitlyn transitioned, Brody regarded it as a fresh start – he believed his dad’s talk of being deeply unhappy for years, and under the control of Kris, so Brody wanted to give it a go.”

They continued: “Brody tells friends that as crazy as it all was, he did try to support his dad and wanted to be there for him – even though it was an emotional rollercoaster for him too. But that support was never a two way thing. Brody tried to open up about how difficult he found the transition, but Caitlyn never offered any support, and told Brody he should go to therapy if he needed help.

Brody and Brandon are Caitlyn’s children with her second wife Linda Thompson
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“Brody tried to re-establish a family bond – but Caitlyn never responded much to calls or messages, and always cancelling, saying she had to work or attend an event – but demanding they always turn up to support her at events. Brody used to get so frustrated. Then when Caitlyn cancelled on his wedding, Brody was done. Saying he’d had enough and wasn’t going to hang around anymore when his dad was never going to change. They haven’t spoken in around a year now.”

Brody, who has since split from Kaitlynn, previously addressed his dad missing his wedding, saying: “Not having my dad at the wedding, it was a bummer.”

Discussing their strained relationship on The Hills: New Beginnings,  he said: “My dad and I have never really had a great relationship.

Caitlyn didn’t attend Brody’s wedding to Kaitlynn
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“Through all the ups and downs that my family has had, my mom has always been the rock.”

Brody was noticeably absent when Caitlyn celebrated her 70th birthday earlier this year in LA.

Caitlyn’s rep has denied they haven’t seen each other in a year when contacted by The Sun Online.


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