Kmart customers in frenzy over Anko 3-in-1 Air Fryer Oven


There’s no doubt air fryers are becoming more popular as people look for ways to eat healthy when you’re time poor.

But it looks like Kmart has smashed the competition when it comes to offering a value for money air fryer — and shoppers are very, very excited about it.

The discount department store chain has released a three-in-one air fryer oven and at just $129 it has got people buzzing.

As the name suggests, the Anko product has three functions; it’s an air fryer, oven and a dehydrator.

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The product has sparked a frenzy among shoppers.
media_cameraThe product has sparked a frenzy among shoppers.

With an LED touch screen display, the air fryer oven has 10 preset functions that cook chips, chicken, prawns, drumsticks, steaks fish, chops and bakes, as well as dehydrate or defrost food.

It has an 11 litre capacity meaning so it can do a big family dinner and accessories include a drip tray, rotisserie fork set and basket and air flow racks.

A post shared about it on the Addicted To Bargains’ Facebook page on Monday has racked up more than 5000 comments and more than 100 shares.

The Kmart product is an air fryer, oven and dehydrator.
media_cameraThe Kmart product is an air fryer, oven and dehydrator.
The air fryer comes with a range of different features, including an LED display.
media_cameraThe air fryer comes with a range of different features, including an LED display.

In the comments eager shoppers praised the air fryer, with many writing the bargain gadget was going “straight in my basket”.

“This is fantastic!!! I love it!”

“They’re meant to be awesome seen it advertised on telly the other day! Reviews are also good!”

With the product already proving popular online plenty were also hoping it would still be available in stores — and some were regretting purchasing their air fryers elsewhere.

“Hope still some next week for payday!” one commenter wrote, while another lamented: “I’m disappointed it came out the week after we bought a second one.”

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Kmart’s air fryer isn’t the only one to spark a frenzy, as back in September shoppers went equally nuts about Aldi’s $149 version.

Similar to the Kmart one, it came with the dehydrating function, something many shoppers didn’t realise until they had purchased the product and brought it home.

Posting in Aldi Facebook groups, shoppers who were lucky to get their hands on one of the air fryers showed off the appliance’s “amazing” extra trick.

“OMG!!! The Aldi Air Fryer also dehydrates no more wasting herbs,” one person wrote in Aldi Mums Facebook group.

The Aldi air fryer caused a similar stir.
media_cameraThe Aldi air fryer caused a similar stir.

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Others used the air fryer to dehydrate fruit, turning it into “great little healthy snack treat food”, one person commented.

“I cut thin pieces (about) 2-3mm! Then brushed lightly with lemon juice (bottle) to stop browning! Then did them at 70 degrees for 6 hours,” a commented explained.

Many expressed amazement at the extra function while lamenting that their own air fryer didn’t have that function.

“This is (a) new thing for me,” one commented, while another added: “OMG you can do that in an air fryer? I need to upgrade mine. It’s crapola compared to this.”

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