Kellyanne Conway: WH Won't Turn Over Docs 'Willy-Nilly'


Many of the documents the House is demanding from the Trump administration are privileged and will not be turned over “willy-nilly,” presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway said Wednesday.

She also would not confirm or deny, in a long, heated interview with MSNBC’s Kristen Welker if a piece of paper President Donald Trump was holding Tuesday was an agreement that had been reached with Mexico.

“America is going to see this for what it is which is an attempted do over of something that they already funded and that we patiently complied with completely,” Conway told Welker about the ongoing investigations while denying special counsel Robert Mueller explicitly directed Congress to take up the investigation.

Welker reminded Conway that Mueller cites Congress, but she retorted the special counsel “cites many things” in his report, including there was no collusion.

However, she would not confirm the White House would be speaking with the Justice Department about what documents will be turned over.

“The president has said many times, as have we who speak on his behalf that executive privilege is always on the table as an option,” Conway said. “In recent days Chairman [Jerry] Nadler and the DOJ have tried to come to an agreement about how to proceed, so people should be very pleased about that.”

Conway also during the interview said the White House “hardly” discusses impeachment, except it cannot believe the pressure that has being put on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to proceed.

She also rejected polls that show several of the Democratic candidates, particularly former Vice President Joe Biden, would defeat Trump.

“Those polls were done by the same people who got 2016 so backward and never saw the Trump presidency, his election, coming,” Conway said.

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