John Lewis Christmas advert 2019 teaser shows first glimpse of Excitable Edgar


The John Lewis Christmas advert 2019 is just days away from dropping, after weeks of speculation about what it will contain this year.

And it seems the retail giant has gone back to its creative roots for what appears to be an animated advert featuring a character called Excitable Edgar.

With the ad launching on Thursday November 14, we’ve got less than two days to wait and see the whole thing.

But, as with every year, a snippet of the main commercial has been teased on Twitter .


A child’s hand reaches up to knock at the door

The camera focuses on the dragon head knocker

The 10-second clip shows a child’s hand knocking at a big wooden door.

The hand reaches up and taps the dragon head-shaped iron knocker, as snow falls off its head.

The door then slowly swings open a crack, showing a glimpse of a warm and inviting room inside.

Text at the end of the clip then flashes up, bearing the words: “Meet Edgar 14.11.19.”

The hashtag #ExcitableEdgar has been used to hype up excitement around the ad, which may well have cost in the region of £8million, as with other John Lewis offerings.

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A Twitter account bearing the name of Excitable Edgar has been active since October, with just 205 followers at the time of writing.

But it seems to be connected to the retail brand, as its bio states: “Meet Edgar! 14.11.19 Loves all things festive. Christmas trees, Christmas food, Christmas snow, Christmas lights…”

The only tweet from the account so far is the teaser clip.

Followers have started questioning the account already, with one tweeting: “Anybody else thinking #johnlewischristmasadvert.”

“Is this john lewis cos it looks like john Lewis,” wrote another.

And one armchair detective seems to have cracked the case, commenting: “99% sure this is John Lewis, this twitter account is registered to a gmail address which starts with the letters ‘jl’.”



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