John Kerry: I'm Not Running for President


Former Secretary of State John Kerry announced he will not run for president in 2020, Sky News reported Monday.

Kerry, who lost the 2004 election to George W Bush, had previously said he was thinking about entering the race for the Democratic nomination and was not “taking anything off the table.”

But Kerry, who is 75 years old, explained to Sky News he was considering running when former Vice President Joe Biden had not made up his mind about entering the race.

Now, he said, “I’m delighted he’s in the race as he and I are old friends. I’m hopeful that we’re going to wind up with a nominee who will resoundingly be able to help lead the country in a better direction.”

The former senator reiterated, “I’m not running; it’s not me, that’s for sure.”

There are currently 23 candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Kerry, who as secretary of state was one of the key figures in drafting the Paris Agreement, said President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the deal was “an enormous mistake on a global basis” and will “cost lives,” because it will contribute to a slow response to climate change.

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