Jeremy Kyle Show Fans Mock Guest, 44, Who Proposed To His Girlfriend, 18, Live On Tv And Revealed They Have Sex Five Times A Day – Everyday


JEREMY Kyle’s viewers were on the warpath this morning – when a guest proposed to his much younger girlfriend after previously accusing her of cheating.

Jose, 44, was on the show with girlfriend Catherine, 18, and was convinced that she had slept with someone else after she threw her bra at another man.

Guest Jose went down on one knee after his girlfriend passed a lie detector

Catherine took a lie detector test and she passed – proving that she had been faithful.

This sealed the deal for Jose, who gave Catherine the ultimate romantic gift – going down on one knee on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

He asked for her hand marriage, and she said yes – much to the audience’s delight.

After the proposal, Catherine and Jose  revealed they have sex FIVE times per day – and the host was shocked.

Jezza rolled his eyes as Jose went down on one knee

Jose thought Catherine was cheating after she chucked her bra at an old man

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