Jealous shop worker ‘peed in rival store’s ice cream machine ruining £1,600 of treats’


A JEALOUS shop worker peed in a rival store’s ice cream machine – ruining £1,600 of treats, police say.

Jung Soon Wypcha, 66, was also allegedly caught on camera sticking her snot-covered fingers into tubs at Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop in Indian Shores, Florida.

ABC News

Jung Soon Wypcha, 66, was allegedly filmed peeing into an ice cream churning machine at a rival shop in Indian Shores, Florida[/caption]

ABC News

£1,600 of products at Lu Lu’s had to be thrown out for public safety[/caption]

She was arrested on Monday after CCTV also apparently showed her wiping her unwashed hands on products.

Wypcha, who runs the Indian Shores Food Mart next door, was seen picked her nose and putting her hands into tubs at Lu Lu’s on June 17.

Footage also apparently showed her spitting into tubs of ice cream.

And on June 22, she was seen on camera urinating in a churning machine at the rival shop.


She then allegedly dumped the pee-filled container into a sink where ice cream utensils and bowls are washed, police say.

Paul Chiulli, who runs Lu Lu’s, said all the tainted treats had to be destroyed for public safety.

He expected his store would need to be closed for up to five days as a deep-clean is carried out.

Disgusted Mr Chiulli told the Tampa Bay Times: “I guess she wasn’t liking that we were getting popular.”

We just wanted to sell ice cream on the beach and make people happy

Lu Lu's staff member

And Mr Chiulli told WPTV News: “We feel like we just woke up in the middle of a war that we didn’t even know was going on.

“This is pretty scary. I never wanted to be famous and certainly not like this!!!

“We just wanted to sell ice cream on the beach and make people happy.”

Wypcha has been charged with criminal mischief and tampering with consumer products.

She has been released ahead of a court date.

It comes just days after a video of a young woman licking ice cream straight from the tub went viral with more than 11million views on Twitter.

She was filmed licking the ice cream at a local Walmart in Lufkin, Texas, before putting it back into the freezer.

Cops have also identified the young woman – but her name will not be released publicly because she’s a minor.

ABC News

It comes after viral footage showed a young woman in Texas licking a tub of ice cream and placing it back in a Walmart freezer[/caption]

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