ITV viewers mock poor CGI in big new period drama Sanditon


Viewers were quick to notice something rather out of place during ITV’s highly anticipated new period drama Sanditon .

It wasn’t even the unexpected steamy sex scene which got people talking.

The eight-part Jane Austen adaptation hit our screens on Sunday night – and for some it was difficult viewing.

Sanditon is the story of young country girl Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams), who comes to the rescue of Tom Parker – played by Kris Marshall – and his wife after a carriage accident.

There are beaches, breeches and brooding in new period drama Sanditon

Charlotte Heywood gets a little steamy

The ITV show was far from perfect


Many loved it but the CGI took a panning online as the special effects were mocked.

One wrote: “10 mins in and I’m seriously disappointed by the dodgy CGI and cardboard looking set.”

Another said: “ITV just don’t do Austen like the beeb. Costumes and hairstyles not quite right, annoying background music and scenery too CGI too.”

That wasn’t all. One viewer moaned: “On reflection, Sanditon (which I wrote about in the course of my English degree a decade ago) on ITV was dreadful. From the poor CGI, odd set design, choice of costumes (some not period) and dances that were definitely anachronistic, this first episode is disappointing.”

The sex scene was meanwhile too graphic for some.

The racy moment took fans by surprise – and many felt it was out of place.

The acting wasn’t the issue

The CGI came in for a lot of criticism

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“Didn’t look too shy to me, first bottoms now sex in the woods this isn’t Austen as we know it,” said one on twitter.

“Is this an Austen adaptation or porn hub?” joked another.

“Not sure how I previously missed the handjobs in Jane Austen’s novels,” one wrote.


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