Is This The Weirdest Fashion Trend Ever? You Can Now Wear Your Iphone Attached To Your Foot


HAVE you ever picked up your trusty iPhone and – realising you have no pockets – wondered where on earth you are going to put it?

Us too! But don’t worry – high-end designer John Galliano has come up with an ingenious solution to resolve the problem – an iPhone shoe holder.

Instagram/errordigital Don’t worry if you can’t think where to put your iPhone – John Galliano has the answer

Galliano’s bonkers design was previewed at his couture fashion show in Paris, France, a few days ago and since then has been displayed on the Instagram page of Maison Margiela, the fashion house where he took over as creative director in 2014.

The shoe/iPhone holder is part of Maison Margiela’s autumn/winter 2018 range – which has a “neo-digital” theme.

“A glimpse at the creative thinking behind our Autumn-Winter 2018 Artisinal Show designed by (Galliano),” the fashion house’s Instagram post said.

“He muses on the word ‘cool’ and shares his observations of Neo-Digital Natives and the influence of the digital landscape on him and his work.”

Rex Features This model sashays down the catwalk, showing off her phone holster

Maison Margiela You can attach the phone holder to many different type of shoes

However, anyone actually wanting to buy the phone holster is out of luck.

Because Apple is unlikely to stock them in their shops – and you run the risk of banging your iPhone against people’s ankles anyway.

This isn’t the first kooky fashion trend which has emerged in 2018 – and isn’t even Maison Margiela’s first bold look of the year.

A few weeks ago Galliano previewed a black nylon boob-tube for men… which exposed their nipples.

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