Inside the Yiannimize Grand Tour – where petrolheads pay £14,000 for a week of VIP partying from Marbella to London


DRIVING supercars through Europe, partying VIP-style and kicking back in luxury accommodation sounds like a dream week for any petrolhead.

And for wealthy car owners with a spare £14,000 lying around, that can be a reality.

Car whizz Yianni Charalambous has launched his own supercar tour

The first Yiannimize Grand Tour launched in Marbella on Sunday, with 100 luxury motors hitting the road on a seven-day journey finishing in London.

Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches and Bugattis have all joined the spectacular journey, which will see lucky supercar owners enjoy boozy VIP pit stop parties along the way.

Pictures of the first day of the event posted on Instagram show flashy motors cruising through the streets of Marbella, decked out with personalised branding.

The event is the brainchild of supercar customiser Yianni Charalambous, who is responsible for customising the cars of the world’s biggest celebs including Anthony Joshua and Harry Styles.

Cars are kitted out with custom decals
Each driver has to fork out £14,000 to take part
Models from a range of luxury brands take part

Tickets to become a member of the Yiannimize Grand Tour cost a whopping £14,000 a pop and are given out on a strict first come first serve basis – with each additional team member costing another £7,000.

And the event will even be made into a movie after the vehicles have roared through Valencia, Barcelona, Montpellier, Geneva and Paris.

The motors turn plenty of heads in each city
Entrants can bring along additional team members, for £7,000 each

Charalambous announced the Tour earlier this year, with a trailer posted on YouTube calling it “the ultimate luxury roadtrip”.

The final day of the tour sees members showing off their motors in a public event, before a Rich List closing party in the capital.

The tour sees members partying in some of Europe’s best VIP clubs

On the tour’s official website, Yianni and co-creator Balbinder Singh say their “vision was to create an astonishing event that would alter the history of car tours.”

They add: “The Yiannimize Grand Tour aims to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs and their cars, offering them the opportunity to drive through different countries and their breathtaking routes.

“Whilst the tour aims to do this by day, by night the setting will be glamorous and exclusive, giving the members of the tour a chance to socially network and enjoy the fabulous entertainment provided by ‘The Rich List Group’.”


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