Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Mangalore Banana Buns – A Staple Breakfast From Karnataka (Recipe I


Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Mangalore Banana Buns – A Staple Breakfast From Karnataka (Recipe I

Mangalore banana buns can be paired along with a cup of chai as well.HighlightsMangalorean cuisine is popular for many scrumptious dishesBanana bun

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Mangalore banana buns can be paired along with a cup of chai as well.


  • Mangalorean cuisine is popular for many scrumptious dishes
  • Banana buns is a popular breakfast in Mangalore
  • Here is how you can make Mangalore banana buns at home

If you’ve travelled through south India and have sampled enough of the local regional cuisine, you would know how it is much more than just idli, sambar, dosa and vada. Not only is it about some of the most flavourful seafood delicacies, but also has a range of mouth-watering street foods that are sure to impress your taste buds. One of the best qualities about south Indian cuisine is the use of the simplest of ingredients to make some of the most wonderful delicacies. Goli bhajis from Mangalore in Karnataka, for instance, only use flours, a couple of spices and buttermilk to make scrumptious bhajiyas!

There is another staple from Mangalore that is simple, quick and too delicious to resist – Mangalore banana buns. Slightly sweet pooris, these buns are a comforting amalgamation of mashed banana with dough, sugar, salt and cumin that is most popularly served with coconut chutney or sambar for a perfect breakfast. Imagine a soft yet crispy, sweet and salty little bun dunked in comforting sambar or chutney, isn’t it exactly the kind of morning meal you would want to indulge on a lazy Sunday morning?!

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Soft yet crispy, sweet and salty, these little buns make for a perfect breakfast.

How To Make Mangalore Banana Buns |Mangalore Banana Buns Recipe

While Mangalore buns are quite a sight at roadside eateries and popular restaurants of the city as well but as they say, nothing better than a home-cooked meal. And these delightful little buns aren’t a hard task to cook! All you need is to make the dough well in advance since it needs to rest for a couple of hours or best, overnight. It is made by mixing mashed banana, sugar, flours, spices, a bit of yogurt, baking soda and some ghee. Let the dough rest and then make little puris out of it to deep fry till puffed, crispy and golden!

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Find the full recipe of Mangalore banana buns here.

You can use all-purpose flour to make these if you want your buns to be soft and fluffy in texture or you can use whole wheat for a poori-like flaky texture. Both the flours taste equally well so a lot of people even mix the two together. Make sure to taste the dough mix when you add sugar since banana itself lends a sweet flavour to the buns, so adjust the amount of sugar accordingly.


Mangalore banana buns can be paired along with a cup of chai as your evening snack or morning breakfast on-the-go. Besides that, you can always pair these with chutney, sambar or any of your favourite curry!

Try this yummy breakfast staple from Mangalore at home and share your experience in the comments section below.

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