I’m A Celeb’s Ian Wright swears LIVE during Bushtucker Trial – but Ant and Dec fail to apologise as they totally miss it


I’M A Celebrity star Ian Wright let slip a swear word last night during the live BushTucker trial but Ant and Dec completely missed it.

The campmates were warned not to use any bad language because they were live on ITV for their Love Island themed trial, but the 56-year-old clearly forgot.

Ian Wright swore live on air last night
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As he got ready for the challenge, he could be heard saying “where is my s**t”.

While the hosts Ant and Dec didn’t seem to hear his expletive, those watching at home did and they took to Twitter to discuss it.

One person shared a gif of someone looking shocked and wrote: “When it’s live and you hear Ian swear #ImACeleb #imaceleb #imacelebrity.”

Another tweeted the amusing exchange: ” ‘You are live on #ImACeleb, please do not swear’ Ian Wright: Ok, where’s my s**t man???”

The football star had to drink blended pig penis during the trial
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He was not impressed with what he has had to do
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While someone else added: “‘Where’s my s**t man’ Ian Wright is killin me on this show #ImACeleb.”

Meanwhile it was a dramatic episode for Ian as viewers saw him undertake not one but two trials.

In the first one the terrified sports star had to crawl into a series of tunnels full of water and various creatures – such as water dragons and crocodiles.

The second one saw him down a glass of blended pig’s penis in an attempt to win a Sunday lunch, which he didn’t end up getting.

And he was embroiled in the first proper row of the series as Andrew Maxwell accused him of shouting at him.

Ian has been struggling with the lack of food in the jungle
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Tensions were high as everyone was asked to order the campmates from one to 12, with the higher numbers making it more likely they will be awarded a roast dinner in the live Bushtucker Trial.

However, after the heated debate, Andrew told Jacqueline he didn’t like the way Ian kept speaking to him.

Andrew then stood up and said: “You keep shouting at me Ian.”

Ian replied: “Who is shouting, when did I shout?” Andrew says: “Just then.”

Ian then snapped: “What are you talking about, I didn’t shout at you.”

Andrew then said he was tired and couldn’t remember what had been said.

He decided to apologise to a baffled Ian and said: “You’re my pal and I’m just really sensitive.”


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