How to hand in work on Microsoft Teams

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How to hand in work on Microsoft Teams

Launched in 2017 to compete against to collaboration pioneer Slack, Microsoft Teams offers an intuitive way work within the Microsoft Office 365 in

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Launched in 2017 to compete against to collaboration pioneer Slack, Microsoft Teams offers an intuitive way work within the Microsoft Office 365 infrastructure. Teams is a central hub where instant messaging, video calls, collaborating and document sharing all take place within Microsoft’s unified suite of tools.

Demand for Teams has exploded in the past year, becoming the fastest growing business app Microsoft’s history, due to the worldwide disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Teams is available as a desktop app, through web browsers and also as a mobile app.

The platform is also supported across all major operating systems, including Windows, Apple macOS, iOS and Android.

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While Teams can serve to entirely replace internal emails, Microsoft’s platform also acts to connect remote workers with apps required for their roles.

Dux Raymond Sy, Microsoft’s chief brand officer, revealed in a blog post how the collaborative workspace serves as the connective tissue that joins Microsoft 365 apps to fill a “critical void” for Microsoft.

He added: “Microsoft saw early on that an integrated hub bringing together persistent chat, files and video-conferencing was going to be the future of enterprise collaboration.”

How to hand in work on Microsoft Teams:

To hand in work, users should first of all select the assignment card on Microsoft Teams.

Depending on the assignment’s status, users may be turning your work in on time, late, or submitting revised work.

Toggle to the General channel in the desired Microsoft Team room, then select Assignments, or alternatively simply use the search bar to identify an assignment by keyword.

The assigned work should show-up in order of due date, then simply select any assignment card to open it and view the assignment’s detailed description.

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Should a manager specify a document for submission or other files need to be attached to a document, select +Add Work to upload media.

Be aware: users can add up to 10 resources to an individual assignment, with 500mb the maximum file size.

Next, tap the Turn In button to submit an assignment before its deadline.

This button will change depending on the following statuses outlined below:

Turn In Again: If assignment already turned in is being revised, users need to submit this work in again.

Turn In Late: Users submitting an assignment after the due date, where the manager has allowed this or has requested a revision.

Not Turned In: If the assignment is past due and a manager no longer accepting late work will result in this not being submitted.

Undo Turn In: Workers may decide to re-edit an assignment before the due date.

Is this is the case, users are required to turn this work in again after the additional edits have been made.

Microsoft Teams Productivity:

One of Microsoft Teams’ recognised strengths is how it lies in its suite of productivity apps.

These provide a key advantage over rivals such as Slack, as the platform is perfectly integrated within the wider portfolio of Microsoft 365 tools.

Teams users can swiftly co-edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other file types in real-time.

Documents in the Files are stored on the Microsoft OneDrive, enabling the ability to store and access files.

In addition, Microsoft Teams also synchronises with Outlook calendars, offering instant access to schedules and arrange last-minute meetings.