How Is Michael Buble’s Son Noah Doing, What Is Liver Cancer Hepatoblastoma And What Has Luisana Lopilato Said?


MICHAEL Buble had a traumatic few months after his young son Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer.

Here is what we know about the disease and how brave Noah is doing.

WENN The pop star has told bosses he will miss the biggest gig of his career due to son Noah’s ill health

What is Michael Buble’s son Noah’s current condition and what sort of cancer does he have?

Following the devastating diagnosis of liver cancer hepatoblastoma, the Canadian singer immediately cancelled all of his upcoming gigs, including a planned performance at the BBC Music Awards in December 2016.

Noah was then thought to be undergoing four months of chemotherapy in a bid to recover from the illness.

In a joint Facebook statement, Michael and wife Luisana admitted they were “devastated” about Noah’s cancer diagnosis but vowed: “We will win this battle.”

Thankfully, things seem to have started to look better for little Noah.

In February, it was claimed that the little boy’s aunt said he was “on the mend”.

And it now seems that little Noah is making even more positive progress after his uncle revealed that he was “doing very well” after treatment.

Dario Lopilato spoke ahead of a flight to Los Angeles for a long-awaited reunion with his nephew and his actress sister Luisana.

He spoke movingly of the roller-coaster of emotions that came with last November’s discovery that Noah had cancer in an interview with a newspaper in his native Argentina.

Actor Dario, who lives in Buenos Aires, told La Nacion in an interview he was going back to work because things were “turning out good” and said: “After these very long months Noah is doing well, very well.”

Previously, Michael admitted that he was blown away by the support given to him by fans.

During a speech at the National Arts Centre, he said: “I stand here truly humbled that I have been allowed to be one of your musical representatives and that you would choose to bestow this honour upon me during what has been an emotional and difficult time for my family.”

The family celebrated little Noah’s fourth birthday party with a fun-filled Spider-Man-themed bash.

What is hepatoblastoma?

Hepatoblastoma is a very rare type of liver cancer that usually affects children under the age of five.

It causes a tumour to form in the cells of the liver and if not caught early enough, cancer can spread to the lungs.

The condition is more common in children who are born very premature and seems to affect boys more than girls.

The exact cause of hepatoblastoma is unknown but children at an increased risk of developing cancer include those who have been exposed to hepatitis B or C.

However, only around 10 to 15 children are diagnosed with the condition each year.

Symptoms of the disease can vary, but they include:

A swollen abdomen Weight loss and decreased appetite Abdominal pain Nausea and vomiting Jaundice Fever Itching skin

Instagram Michael with his wife Luisana, and sons Noah and Elias

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