Horrifying moment David Walliams pulls a flaming sword from BGT contestant’s throat


This exclusive preview of Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions is not for the faint-hearted.

Watch a terrified David Walliams get called up on stage to assist Moldavan contestant Alex Malaga while the other judges cower in fear as they realise what is about to be asked of him.

Daredevil Alex, who is the first ever aerial sword swallower in the world, holds out his hand to David, who nervously walks up to the stage and puts on a pair of gloves.

Alex then waves the enormous sword around and it bursts into flames, making the audience scream with terror.

David looked terrified as he joined daredevil sword swallower Alex on stage

David grimaced as he prepared for the death defying stunt, while the judges covered their eyes

He licks the sword and then throws it up in the air and drops it down into his throat so just the hilt is poking out.

No one in the auditorium can breathe at he leans forward towards David who reaches over and pulls out the sword at a terrifying speed.

The relieved crowd applaud as they see the life-threatening stunt went as hoped.

During the show, Alex makes the terrifying admission that he had “never tried anything like that before”.

The audience scream in fear as he pulls out the burning sword dangerously fast

The nail-biting moment will take place tomorrow as another batch of former contestants from across the globe return to the show.

Alex was a finalist in the tenth series of the ITV show, where he shocked judges by swallowing swords while upside down hanging on to to a pole that reached all the way up to the ceiling.

*Britain’s Got Talent airs tomorrow on ITV at 8.30pm

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