Hero dog saves family for THIRD time as she drags owner to safety from falling tree


HERO dog Betzi Boo dragged her owner to safety from a falling tree — the third time she has rescued her family.

Mark Brow, 51, says the brave 6st Schnauzer saved his life while on her evening walk.

Top dog Betzi Boo really is man’s best friend after saving her owner’s life by dragging him to safety when a tree fell
SWNS:South West News Service
Mark says he felt something ‘shaking’ before Betzi pulled him to the side
SWNS:South West News Service

The maintenance engineer said: “We set off on our evening walk down the street, and it was very calm, sunny evening with no wind or anything.

“Suddenly, I felt this strange shaking and Betzi, who is very strong, pulled me away to the side.

It sounded like firecrackers going off and this giant tree came smashing down on where I’d just been stood, destroying a nearby wall.

“People came running out of their houses, but I was frozen to the spot in shock as I realised I had been literally milliseconds from disaster.”


The dog also scared off burglars who targeted Mark, wife Carron and their four kids in Ilkley, West Yorks.

Mark said: “A gang attempted to crowbar our front door, only to find Betzi on the other side who sprung into full attack mode and chased them away.”

“Our car was safe thanks to our brave pet, but it was very scary and traumatic for us as a family, and the police said the thieves still managed to get a BMW in the next village.

“Betzi is six stone and all muscle, so must have given the criminals quite the scare, but she always has a wonderful temperament with us and is an amazing family dog.”

She also protected their daughter Lillia, 14, when a “dodgy-looking man approached her in the woods”,

She even terrorises foxes trying to get the chickens in their ­garden. Mark said: “She’s not scared of anything!

“Whenever a fox comes sniffing near them, they let out a distress call and Betzi runs to the rescue.

She is capable of giving criminals a good scare when needed, but according to Mark, she has a wonderful temperament with the family

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