GTA Online’s casino finally confirmed as Rockstar reveals Diamond Casino & Resort


GTA Online is getting an in-game casino where players will be able to gamble the night away.

The new in-game Diamond Casino & Resort promises to bring “state-of-the-art gaming facilities” to San Andreas.

The logo and teaser for the new destination don’t give much away

The casino building has been stood in San Andreas since the earliest days of Grand Theft Auto Online, but it has never been open to the public.

But after several years with an ‘Opening Soon’ banner draped outside, Rockstar today revealed the new gambling den is almost ready to open.

“With something for everyone, The Diamond Casino & Resort will feature lavish amenities, exclusive shopping, first-class entertainment and state-of-the-art gaming facilities,” according developers Rockstar.

Eagle-eyed players had noticed changes in game around the derelict site over the past few weeks suggesting that renovation work was underway.

Last week, Rockstar confirmed a “luxury casino” would be opening in a ten-second teaser posted to Twitter, and today officially confirmed the news and the name of the new establishment.

That set off fevered speculation that it was finally going to throw its doors open this week – but all Rockstar have confirmed so far is that it will open “later this summer”.

Nightlife has been a huge part of GTA Online’s world, especially since the After Hours expansion

Once inside, players can experience “the exhilaration of spinning the Lucky Wheel for a chance at life-changing prizes” while also enjoying “a range of sophisticated table games and much more”.

The reveal has been almost six years in the making, but comes a matter of weeks after Rockstar implemented gambling in Red Dead Online.

Poker games appeared in saloons across the Wild West world in their most recent major update, and let players gamble in games against either computer-controlled players or each other.

However, you’re only able to gamble in-game dollars, and these can only be spent or acquired in the game.

The arrival of poker in the smaller world of Red Dead Redemption was seen as Rockstar testing the waters for GTA

Red Dead Online does let players buy Gold Bars, which players can then use to buy specific things in game, but there’s no way of getting in-game money out.

GTA Online, however, lets players buy dollars directly, from as little as £8 per $1 million.

Because of that it is widely expected that Rockstar will implement casino chips or something similar so that players are one step removed from gambling with real money.

As with Red Dead, though, there is no way of getting money out of GTA Online once it’s gone in, so even if you do beat the house you’ll only be able to live it up in the virtual world.

As well as poker, it is being speculated that horse racing is also going to make its way into GTA Online from Red Dead.

The Casino is also attached to the Vinewood Racetrack, with some fans suggesting that you’ll be able to stick a few bucks on the gee-gees as well as spin it away inside.

If horse racing is indeed added, you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be a purely spectator sport.

Rockstar’s other big online game, Red Dead Online, already features stables full of horses and modes that see players racing them, so it should be relatively trivial to implement.

The world of GTA Online has plenty of things for you to spend your in-game winnings on, from cars to property and businesses

GTA V still regularly soars up the UK games charts as players take advantage of retailer discounts to pick up the cheap in-game dollars bundled with the included starter packs.

In the US, GTA V entered the games sales charts at number one in late 2013, and has only been out of the top twenty for one month since.

That all adds up to a game that has now made around £5 billion since its launch back in late 2013.

Fans have been hoping for news of GTA 6 for several years, with no official confirmation yet.

It seems likely it’s being made for next-gen consoles and will come with or after the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett.

Cryptically, though, Rockstar have been revealed as one of Google Stadia’s partners, but are yet to reveal which games will be coming to the streaming service.

The news of GTA’s casino comes a day after a heated row in Parliament over whether loot boxes amount to gambling, and if such mechanics put players at greater risk of developing gambling problems later in life.


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