Gruesome Story Of Body Found Tied To Crucifix In Harbour That Still Leaves Police Baffled 24 Years Later


THE identity of a man found by fishermen in a river tied to a crucifix still remains a mystery for police nearly a quarter of a century later.

The grim discovery of the body – named Rack Man – wrapped in plastic and tied to a steel-framed cross was made by fisherman in a river northwest of Sydney.

News Corp Australia Police issued a facial reconstruction of the man found tied to the crucifix

Forensic scientists are still baffled 24 years later as to who he is and more importantly, who was responsible.

The mystery is one of Australia’s most gruesome according to

A crew of fishermen set out on August 11, 1994, on The Lady Marion trawler to cast nets and fish for squid in the mouth of the Hawkesbury.

As they lifted their net they discovered their rope anchored by a steel frame.

News Corp Australia Mark Peterson, captain of The Lady Marion made the grim discovery while fishing on the Hawkesbury, northwest of Sydney

News Corp Australia Possible images of what the Rack Man looked like were released by police

News Corp Australia The Lady Marion on the Hawkesbury

News Corp Australia The crucifix got caught up in nets as fishermen tried to bring in their haul of squid

Speaking at the time, the boat’s captain Mark Peterson said: “As I pulled it in, I saw there were plastic bags tied to it, and then I saw a bone stuck out of one of the bags.”

A body, wrapped in plastic, was tied to a steel-framed crucifix. Wires and ropes around the torso, wrists and neck bound the remains to the cross.

Evidence suggested the crucifix had been custom-build for the man and the frame matched his wingspan perfectly.

Scientists at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Glebe estimated the body had been submerged for somewhere between six and 12 months.

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