Girl, 7, humiliated after being booted out of wet play area for wearing the same swimwear as boys


A MUM claims her seven-year-old daughter was kicked out of a wet play area because she was wearing the same outfit as boys.

Roz Dzelzitis has accused the park of double standards because the girl, who hasn’t been named, was told to leave as she has shorts and a t-shirt on.

Roz Dzelzitis has claimed her daughter was kicked out of a wet play area for wearing the same outfit as boys

She claims a security guard at the Downtown Silver Spring Fountain in Maryland showed her a rule book explaining what appropriate swimwear was – despite boys wearing the same outfit.

Roz wrote on Facebook: “I explained that her rash guard and swim shorts ARE swimwear, even shorter than the boys.

He said ‘but those are boys’ and told me ‘she’s a girl’.”

We can’t believe that this double standard is executed as policy and a discriminatory message given to young children in our own community

Roz Dzelzitis

The mum also shared a picture her daughter drew showing two girls in bathing suits and a boy in shorts and a ‘surfs up’ shirt next to her looking sad outside the fountain.

She wrote on it: “To property manager of DTS Fountain, It’s not fair that boys get to wear swim shorts in the fountain and girls need to wear swim underwear or a (one piece) swim suite.”

Roz has now claimed it isn’t the first time her daughter has been booted out for wearing the “wrong” clothes as she slammed the “discriminatory message” given to youngsters.

In a statement to The Washington Post, Downtown Silver Spring Fountain said: “There was an unfortunate misunderstanding by a security guard at the Downtown Silver Spring fountain who did not initially recognise that the child’s attire was indeed swimwear.

“Once a supervisor was called and found that the clothing was appropriate swim attire, the supervisor apologised and told the parents the girl was allowed back in the fountain. We’ve taken this opportunity to retrain our Security team.

“There is no gender specific swim wear requirement.”

The youngster drew this heartbreaking picture
The play area where Roz claims her daughter was told to leave


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