George Will: 'Bennet Should Be Their Nominee'


Conservative columnist and Trump critic George Will made the case Thursday for Democrats to nominate Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., if they want to beat the president in 2020.

In an opinion piece posted by The Salt Lake Tribune, Will argued Bennet “checks a requisite number of progressive boxes” on issues like climate change and the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

But, he wrote, Bennet also “refrained from frightening and mystifying voters” like other candidates who have called for eliminating private health insurance or packing the Supreme Court.

“If Democrats are as serious as they say they are about defeating Donald Trump, Bennet should be their nominee,” he wrote.

“Bennet has won two Senate races in a swing state that is evenly divided between Democrats, Republicans and independents,” he wrote. “He can distinguish between what he calls ‘the Twitter version of the Democratic Party’ and the ‘actual’ version.”

Bennet’s campaign last week announced he had raised $2.8 million since announcing his candidacy May 2 — a sum that puts him far behind other top contenders, ABC News reported.

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